I thought of Youdaman today,

he’s been screaming for Connor to play, and he’s been screaming for slant passes,

so Connor starts and his first downfield pass is a slant…to the wrong team. I just chuckled thinking of Youdaman’s face then.

Luckily we played well enough, even with all the injuries, to win this game.

And, let’s hope we all get to see Connor throw lots more slants for lots more yards and lots of wins!


thought of the same thing. He did throw the ball over the middle quite a bit today. That was a change

LOL definently wasn’t the start he wanted for sure but I knew he would be nervous and they sent the house and he rushed it a bit but proud of how he settled down. slant not good against that defense but would have killed OM last week…that throw up the sideline was a BB and he will learn to put a little air under the ball on the long throws,he has a cannon of an arm and I could see us throwing some backshoulders and comeback.Craddock called a good game IMO with them only rushing 3 a lot…may have to open up a little bit next week…good win…we all needed that.

The young Noland was very calm in his post game press conference. He talked about watching the hogs his whole life and wanting to be a hog. Those are the in state kids we need on the hill. Proud of him and happy to see the middle of the field used in the passing game. It just took 2 months to hit the middle.

I agree about the midddle of the field its the weakness of almost every defense and I still wished we would run more crossing routes like we did with Jones early in the game.Tulsa dropped 7-8 so it was not open as much as it will be with most teams.

Tulsa had a really bad time covering the TE yesterday, and most of the throws over the middle were to the TEs.

Our WR group was, as usual, not getting open very often. Some of that was because the safeties were very conscious of the WRs(which left TEs open) and Tulsa played pretty tight on the WRs to shut off the short stuff. Connor did try to force it to WRs on longer routes a couple of times when the CB had plenty of safety help.

use of the QBs next week.

As Coach Morris noted, Ty will start if he is cleared as expected.

You know they will keep the Steamboat/Gravedigger or whatever it is called now in the game plan.

But I wonder if Connor will get some snaps. Obviously he is No. 2 now, but I still don’t think you burn that redshirt.

He’s now played in 2 games and can play two more of the final four games and still redshirt.

it will be a very interesting.Storey has much more experience but there are some throws Noland can make that he can’t.I would like to see Noland with a little more playbook to work with.

For one, I doubt Connor plays four years at Arkansas, therefore my view is he should play as much as possible this season.

I’m curious which ones?

Because they look about the same to me.

I know he’s your guy - and I like him, too, - but Ty is the better choice right now.

They gave Connor what he could handle, which did limit them offensively.

Maybe all three of them will see action.


I’m curious which ones?

Because they look about the same to me.

I know he’s your guy - and I like him, too, - but Ty is the better choice right now.

They gave Connor what he could handle, which did limit them offensively.

Maybe all three of them will see action.

[/quote]I don’t know. That may be one too many. I like all three (keeping CK in his Gravedigger role only) and really think there’s an upside to Connor Noland in the future, but I think a team needs to know who’s going to be their main leader. That seems to be Storey for now, if he’s ready to go. Concussions can be a “funny” thing. What takes one player one week to recover may take another two or three. I think the coaches need to go into the next game with Storey (if healthy) or Noland (if not) as No. 1 and leave it at that.

Storey is the clear number one per his head coach and his OC.

I don’t think Storey can zip that long sideline throw(pretty much a backshoulder) just out of the reach of the defender that was a rope and I saw one against NT where Noland threw one from Hash to Hash.Storey has more experience is why he is starting he has been around college football for 3 yrs and knows the pass protections better.Noland IMO has a much stronger arm and even the Tulsa coach commented on it saying he had a lively arm but it takes more than to be a good QB.I think Nolands time will come unless KB comes here.

KB will only be here 1 year & Noland will be red shirt freshman next year. Most likely the QB battle will be between Noland & KJ the following year. Redshirt soph vs Redshirt Frosh.

Well, I have watched Ty throw that for years now, but I know I am no going to convince you because you have hooked your wagon to Connor.

I think Connor has a higher ceiling, but neither Ty or Connor have done anything toi change who is No. 1 yet.

By the way, that was my question to Coach Montgomery about Connor.

I actually thought he would be more complimentary of Connor, but he wasn’t in the mood to praise anybody - which is understandable.

Maybe Ty can throw it like that I just haven’t seen it yet.

I Believe that if the head coach and the offensive cordinator thought that Nolan was good enought to start they would start him he only started 1 year for greenwood his senior year