I thought I was watching cricket for a second

Had the Cleveland-Detroit game on MLB. In the top of the ninth, Detroit’s Javy Baez flied out to center field on a pitch that BOUNCED.

(If you’ve never watched cricket, the bowler – the pitcher in cricket – is supposed to bounce the ball.)

I would have assumed the ball would be declared dead on ground impact.

No. This has happened before. Vladimir Guerrero Sr. swung at bouncing balls frequently. Hit a few of them too.

I’m impressed that he not only hit it, but hit a fly ball. Which means he got under a bouncing ball. Talk about golfing one out to center field…

Besides if a pitch was dead when it hit the ground, no one would ever advance on a wild pitch.

If you swing and miss at a pitch that bounces off the dirt it’s still a strike, so obviously not a dead ball when it hits the dirt.

My bad

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