I thought Cylla was key to our success this year

Has basically been a bust so far relative to expectations, but it still seems like having another “big” who could score out on the floor (even from 10-15 feet) would make us much more difficult to guard.

One of the interesting things about CEM is that sounds as if they rarely go live (mostly just drills and film work) in practice. That raises the question as to how players can work their way into the rotation? It’s hard to show out in drills and if you never see the floor it’s hard to get any rhythm or show you are improved

At the start of the season it sure looked to me like Muss was giving Cylla a lot of rope, but the chances seemed to wane quickly. It now appears to me that the coaches have given up on him. Disappointing, as higher performance was expected by many (and needed).

It seems like a confidence thing! Cyllia has played scared on the floor and his shot hasn’t gone in the hole when he let it fly! He may get some minutes in the coming weeks but if he continues to be ineffective who is next to get some minutes.

Not sure there is anybody. The 7 who play just share the extra minutes if Cylla doesn’t. But if he’s not productive when he’s out there he’s not going to get many minutes. I don’t think its a case of Henderson plays because Cylla doesn’t.

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The son of a good friend of mine was the assistant coach at Florida Atlantic when Cylla was there. I had talked to him mid-December about Cylla and he mentioned that Cylla seemed to snap in and out of confidence for them as well. But he ended the season on a high note and full of confidence.

My friend’s son is now the head coach of NSU University High School our of Fort Lauderdale. NSU just finished runner up yesterday at the King Cotton Classic in Pine Bluff. I was not able to make it to Pine Bluff. Wanted to talk to him about Cylla. But my friend tells me that his son was surprised that Cylla is not getting any PT. He said he won’t get his confidence back unless he plays. That was the only way they were able to boost his confidence.

Incidentally, NSU beat Scotty Thurman and Parkview in the quarter finals. NSU also has Juwan Howard’s two sons on the team. One of the reasons I did not make it to Pine Bluff is because I wanted to see NSU play Jacksonville and Devonte Davis in the final, but Jacksonville lost in the semis.

The last time Henderson played he performed and brought a spark I’m surprised he hasn’t played.
What do you expect once there’s depth on the bench and options?

I get why players like Cylia haven’t played more… We’ve not had many games recently that we could afford to play deep in the bench because they’ve been tightly contested. We are a Guard oriented team without a true post up player. I do think Henderson is deserving of more minutes based on his play but it’s hard to argue the results. I loved the fact that Muss saw the need to play Bailey & Cheney together. It’s still very early, but before the season… I’d have taken 11 & 1. He’s playing the hand he’s got masterfully!!

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I don’t buy the tight games as the reason. I think it is what Musselman likes to do.

Coaches who play 9 to 10 players, develop their bench during the non-conference season and also play players 9 and 10 in the first 10 minutes of the game and then cut down the rotation to 8 depending on the scoreboard. Coaches who play up to 8 players, play 9 and 10 in the second half when the game is well in hand.

Coaches have won big with both methods. So I don’t see anything wrong with either method.

Based on his time in Nevada and here, Musselman seems to be one of the coaches who likes to play up to 8 players.

If we have the roster we anticipate next year, it will be interesting to see how he manages a roster with that many 4 stars and already established players and keep them all happy.

I am curious to find out what he did in the NBA. I am guessing he had a 10 man rotation like all NBA teams have. I don’t remember hearing anything peculiar about that while he was coaching NBA.

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I looked up a box score from his time at Golden State (when one of his players was future Alabama coach Avery Johnson). A home game in December 2003 that they won. Of the 13 players, 12 dressed out and nine played, anywhere from 37 minutes to 9 (remember an NBA game is 48 minutes). Avery was one of the DNPs. I assume the 13th player who didn’t dress out was injured.

Three weeks later, in a road loss at Denver, 11 players played (including Avery) from 35 to 6 minutes. It does not indicate that there were any DNPs that night.

Side note: One of the zebras in that game in Denver was Arkansan Gary Benson, son of the long-time Ouachita football coach/Hog player Buddy Benson. Gary played QB for his dad before he became an NBA official for 17 seasons…

One of the zebras in that home win was Tim Donaghy. I do not know if he had a bet on that game but it’s possible.

It reality we haven’t needed him. But moving forward, it’s very possible he and Ethan Henderson will be the key to our success.

Just my opinion but Cylia provides no help on the inside. He simply does not have the athleticism to be effective against bigs and he has not shot it well from the outside. His shot selection has not been good and he is not the guy you want shooting 3’s when you have Jones and Joe. The last time he was given a chance to play he made some defensive blunders and to be honest looked lackadasical and that will get you a seat on the bench. Henderson on the other hand did some things well but in the current scheme of things he is their 3rd option at post. Henderson’s best chance of getting playing time is if Bailey and Chaney get more playing time together which would create more of a need for a 3rd post option.

I think Henderson is making a mistake staying with Arkansas. You never get these years back.

Dudley will get on to me for saying this. But just have this hunch that Musselman is not into developing raw talent like Henderson. I believe he likes to take proven talent and make them even better. Growing up around NBA may have something to do with that. That is what NBA coaches do.

Time will tell if I am wrong. But every day that hunch gets stronger.

Best way to develop talent IMO is drills. That seems to be what CEM is doing. I’m wondering how much there really is there with Ethan to be developed. Light has not come on for two different HCs with two different styles. Going elsewhere might just make it 0-for-3. I hope I’m wrong and he starts to develop as we go through SEC play.

This has been an enjoyable thread to read. I think there are numerous thoughts here that all have at least a little truth even though they differ.
In listening to his interviews it sounds like CEM’s practices are both structured and unstructured. He says he rarely sticks to the set plan and changes things as he reads the team from minute to minute.
He has said several times that he told the team that if you play hard he will play you. What that says about Henderson and Cylla I am not sure. But that is in his head.
He has also made it clear he does play a limited rotation. He thinks college kids can go 30+ minutes and that leaves just so many minutes to spread around. How he will handle a larger more talented roster is yet to be seen.
He also said he is more comfortable playing kids who can,run, pass and shoot. Again what that says about Cylla and Henderson I don’t know.
The final thought I agreed with and PJ did not is the fact that since the first three or four games most of the contests have been tight. This has made for great viewing, but has to result in him not reaching deeper into his bench. You can see the seven he does play improving in many areas so to say he doesn’t develop just doesn’t hold water.
CEM now has a bit of a tiger by the tail. With this tremendous start to the season there is pressure to keep it going and not waste what has been accomplished. He says he hates to lose more than he loves to win. He will only take the amount of risks that it takes to win each individual game. He won’t be reckless. This has been a fun ride so far and I think we will not know what to expect from game to game because like the Patriots, there will be a game plan based on the opponent and no two will be the same. Personally I am loving it.

I like that the staff is playing their best players as many minutes as they can. As long as the endurance is there at the end, it should be the best recipe for success. Cylia may just need time to adjust to a new team, new coach, and new college. I hope so. He has the body to help us down the stretch. Just needs to understand his role, which right now, is not shooting the long ball.

Not sure why you think I would get on you about that.

But obviously Ethan is not getting a lot of minutes, just as he wasn’t under Coach A.

I was at practice one day when Ethan’s dad and Coach Mussleman were talking. The main point of the conversation was Coach Muss talking about Ethan’s potential and his dad talking about he wanted Coach Muss to continue getting after him to make him the best that he can be.

They seem to be in lockstep in that regard.

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