I thought Arkansas should have been a 7 and SC...

an 8.

Arkansas was the higher seed in the SEC Tournament, beat South Carolina on the home court and advanced two more rounds than they did in the SEC Tournament

And had better RPI

Carolina has two RPI top-25 wins – Michigan and Florida. And no 200+ losses

We have zero, and one.

I suspect that’s what knocked us below them.

Swine you were spot on about the seed we would end up with. But that’s another snub not getting to Tulsa.

Committee released the 1-68 list. We were 31st, SC was 26. We were closer to a 9 than a 7 and five spots worse than SC.


Really bad loss for us and no really good wins to counteract them. I’m not entirely surprised. I suspect if I were on the committee and worked at a Big 12 school, say, I might have been inclined to give the Chickens a higher seed too. They don’t worry much about conference standings on the committee. Syracuse finished ahead of three teams in the ACC (VT, Miami, Wake) that got in; they didn’t.

It’s not just that we finished ahead in conf but the entire body of work that is born out in us being like 15 spots higher in RPI. Syracuse didn’t do anything on the road, we won 6 times including our only head to head vs SC on their own floor. And on top of all that, not only does SC get a higher seed, they get to play in their home state.

When looked at in totality it’s really indefensible.