I think Zack Morris may be our Closer

I know we will never ever replace Kevin Kopps and I know right now it’s kind of up in the air.
The reason I say it may be Morris is they changed his delivery to where he’s able to throw strikes more,has always had a nasty breaking ball! What’s not mentioned enough about him is he pitched in the Cape Cod league this summer which is by far the toughest and pitched 22 innings and ended the summer with a 1.20 ERA 25 K. And that is very dominant. When Matt Cronin left I know there was talk about him possibly taking over but he just hasn’t display that yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it this year…

I think he is going to begin the season as a middle reliever. I think Starks is the closer to begin the season. You never know how the season will evolve. I thought Elijah Trest would be the closer last season and Kevin Kopps came out of nowhere.

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That would be great if Starks could do it. He’s got the potential for sure especially if he can limit the walks

I like Starks and I thought last season he showed lots of potential. But it seems to me that toward the end of last season he didn’t pitch much, if at all. Was there a reason? or am I wrong. It just seemed like that to me.

He didn’t pitch much at all really couple of midweek games I think he pitched some but at the end of the year we were pretty much going to Kopps,Monke Tole a lot

The bull pen will be a work in progress and Hobbs and DVH will make whoever ends up with these rolls earn it! The good news is simple there are options.

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