I think you're going to see a good dose of

people that have a deep love for the program back in Fayetteville.

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More hints.


Past committed recruits AND new coaches OR just new coaches? :slight_smile:

I would suspect he’s talking coaches…not that many 18 years olds that could have developed a “deep love” of Fayetteville.

It would be nice if its both though…

Having folks with a deep love of the Razorbacks back on the hill really excites me. I’m thinking of a couple of names now.

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Yeah…I know…was goofing around yet slightly hoping lol.

Maybe…just maybe he might be hinting at Tim Horton at RB coach and James Shibest as Special Teams coach. David Lee as QB coach running the smoke draw…LOL! That last one was a joke btw.

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Could we be talking about HDN… as maybe OC… cause you know… he just loves the helmet. LOL

Now before any of you humorless people out there jump all over me. That was a joke. Plain and simple.

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Makes good sense to me. :+1:

Absolutely not Nutt. If we can find a QB, we have very good young receivers and if Boyd doesn’t turn pro, we should be able to move the ball with CREATIVE play calling. The last thing I want to hear is “I called this play”. This team is not good enough to play “bully ball” and Nutt has an an addiction to tailback left, tailback right, and incomplete pass, punt. I can already hear the airplanes warming up.

NO. We do not need Nutt.

Clint Stoener as qb coach?

I hope to goodness what this means is that past lettermen will be ever-present around the program.

Alfred Davis, Tank Wright, Kiero Small…those are the only former players I would want on my coaching staff.

I suspect that there are UA alums who are coaching that I’m not aware of but I don’t need retreads from the Nutt staff, that’s for sure.They lacked a commitment to details that Petrino revealed as missing and I think Pittman will bring that level of detail to our program.

What we are learning, of course, is there are some fine Arkansans who are in the coaching world…they just may not have coached (yet) or played at UA.

In summary, let the “familiar faces” be former players who are embraced with open arms around the program as supporters and encouragers.

I can see it now. Boyd scores on 80 yd wheel route and HDN runs up to CSP telling “I called that play brutha!” :rofl:

Maybe we dont need HDN involved but there are plenty of his former Hog players I would like to see more involved, if only as inspirational consultants. No need to list the names.

Shibest should be erased from Razorbacks records for what he pulled while at Ole Miss. Lots of other players become coaches have gone on to other programs without disrespecting the Hogs and the fans the way he did.


Solid point sir.

It’s certainly what was and is needed.

We don’t need Nutt, but how does he hurt us being involved with the program? Doesn’t make any sense. He’s a great recruiter of the state and promoter of the program. If he’s not in charge and not calling the plays, what’s the problem?

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Until Nebraska or LSU has a similar role that might look good to him.

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