I think we will see

TCU us a pretty good team. Maybe equal to the Oklahoma schools. They are not however Auburn, LSU, or Alabama. If we trot that offense out there against those three we may have already scored all we are going to.

I watched the aTm game last week, and I’m watching USCe vs Missery tonight. If we trot that offense out in any of those games, there will be a lot of heartbroken Hog fans

The offense will get it right. Young receivers. When Allen had a shot down filed the receiver went one way and the ball throw the other way.
On the first drive inside the red zone when Austin went wide with the ball a receiver was standing flat footed and made no attempt to get open. That’s what stinks. The other red zone trip Cantrell catches the ball out of bounds.
When you fail to score in the red zone you get beat. I’m confused how we continue to have safeties tackle our running backs in the backfield inside the 5 yard line. It felt like tape from a game last year.
No need to think Cole Hendlund is ever going to hit a field goal that matters in a game. Either let someone else kick FG’s or just go for it on 4th down.

I haven’t watched CBB’s presser, but Twitter is saying it sounded like Hedlund’s kicking career at AR is over. Did he say that?

TCU is way better than I anticipated. I am embarrassed by what I thought we would do in this game. I never expected us to try to run wide on the TCU speed on Defense. I expected us to run straight at them. I am totally embarrassed by what I thought was going to happen in this game. We ran straight at them with David Williams and it was successful… but the play calling went right back to off tackle, screens, and quick pitch sweeps…right into the speed of the TCU defense. TCU was a much better team than I anticipated and they are bigger and faster in a few areas this year. TCU is going to beat some people badly.

Pretty much. He said that he’s done with that (assuming Hedlund); that he would either go for it all the time or give somebody else a chance. Called it embarrassing.

Sorry but it’s going to be a long season. :frowning: