I think we were

intimidated except Macon. KY to long and Dusty just didn’t have WIDE open looks.

Macon should have made the All Tourney team. He wasn’t scared. Brought his game.!!

NOW you tell me there is NOT some bad blood between these 2 teams.

I would need to watch the game again but no less that 6-8 drives should have been fouls.

Moses was just shell shocked. I think he was nervous.

Cal had somebody in Dusty face at all times. Wasn’t going to let Dusty beat them. KY is LONG and DH just couldn’t get open. Somebody if you re watched the game open looks was about 8 to 1 for KY…

The 6 minutes freeze killed us. No sense of urgency. But KY had something to do about that.

The fouls the no fouls and we were PO’d. I would be too.

MM I wouldn’t give the kid the time of day. Maybe Zimmerman did say some things but the throat cut is classless to.
I have NO respect for a kid that actually decided years ahead and wasn’t honest with MA and our coaches. And his brother. Iliked him at one time but now he’s not even in my top 1000 WR’s for Arkansas.

Bump, sorry.

Any thoughts to add to this??

Macon, make the all tourney team?

Intimidated? No. Overmatched? Yes. Needed the adrenaline to produce great games from Moses, Jaylen and Dusty. All three were over hyped and, as a result, struggled early. When Kentucky gave us chances in the first half get rolling, we didn’t get it done. Their talent took over and they stayed focused long enough to keep us out of the game.

I’m not sure intimidated is the right word. I think they had big game jitters and missed a lot of shots and had unforced turnovers. If they were intimidated they wouldn’t have been mixing it up the way they did, throughout.

MUCH better wording. I agree 100% When it’s the heat of the moment I just used intimidated. Better stated but thanks for the for pointing out I just used the wrong word. Maybe fustration on my part as well. LOL

Actually I don’t hate Ky. What I like is when were on the same playing level.

Remember when we came into the SEC we took it to KY.Actually they were shell shocked. Football was a different story but not BB. Remember 3 years ago we beat then both times in one year. Shame someone can’t come up with a cheating scandal. Cal has never been anywhere that trouble didn’t follow. IT will catch up with Cal again.

Thanks, WPS!!

Cal is the lowest form of human life! His official record after vacated wins is not impressive! Yes when he leaves Kentucky they will be in trouble!