I think we need a dose of reality

I’ve always been the optimist but I think it’s time to accept that Arkansas will always be an SEC bottom-dweller. We’ve now lost our 2 highest-rated verbals! Just cant see how we can ever compete again in the conference and I don’t believe that we can beat anyone in the conference at this point. What about moving back to the Big 10 or whatever it is now. So frustrating

We will not move any other conference we are very competitive in soccer , both men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s track, softball, and baseball. There would be no reason to if for no other reason than money. The last year we were in SWC in 1991 we finished 3rd in SWC in football and Vandy finished there usual last in the SEC. Vandy brought in more money than we did pure fact. There is also the fact that the Big 12 didn’t want us then and most probably doesn’t want us now. If we went to Big 12 that would give them 11 teams and make scheduling tricky to say the least. There is also the problem with the Texas Longhorn Network which we would never agree to, one of the main reasons that we exited the SWC when we did!

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I do not ever accept that Arkansas will not be able to do it. I just won’t ever go there. It upsets me when I see anysone else accept that as the truth. There are too many examples of Arkansas programs competing at the highest level.


I’m all in on a move to the Big 12. It won’t happen for a thousand reasons, but whatever, what else are we going to talk about anyway?

I think football would be more competitive, basketball would actually be more interesting, and the idea of driving to some road games that aren’t 8+ hours away would be a ton of fun.

I’m still accepting invitations to the Big 12 island. It’s a lonely place, maybe a bit less so these days, but still plenty of room.

We will be competitive in football again. Everyone on here knew it would take time and patience. That’s the reality. I truly think it will happen, but will take a couple more years.

Suggestions of moving to a lesser conference is an easy cop out & a choice for losers. We don’t lower our standards & say we can’t compete in SEC because our program is down. Alabama, LSU, TN, & other SEC schools have experienced their lengthy drought years too & like them we will be back - whether with the current coach or a new coaching staff. Being in the SEC & proximity to talent rich Texas gives us a huge advantage over most schools.

Mom I don’t see it that way at all. And I think turning to the “it’s a lesser conference and that’s for losers” argument is old and tired.

We’re not ever going to consistently be a top SEC football team. We have 30 years of evidence. We can sniff the top from time to time. But not often.

I looked up the conference payouts. The big 12 gave out 37 million to each school, the SEC gave 43 million per school. But how much do we lose by missing bowl games on a semi-regular basis, attendance fluctuations due to our up-and-down nature, and excessive travel costs flying every sport we have to South Carolina, Florida, etc.?

I think the basketball product would be much better for fans on a more consistent basis.

And frankly I’m just a big fan of the geography component of it. I think we would actually be able to recruit better. There are a lot of OU/OSU/TX grads in this area. I would love the drama.

Look I know it isn’t going to happen, at least any time in the foreseeable future. But I get tired of people screaming “LOSER!” before you can even have an argument about it.

Maybe I’m just jealous of the older folks on the board that remember the old glory days. I’d like to see similar success in my lifetime. I haven’t seen much evidence that I will.

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I’ve never been more discouraged about Razorback football. No matter how bad a year we’ve had in the past, I’ve always thought the next year would be better & that Arkansas, as a program with a glorious history, is too steeped in tradition, resources, & fan support to be a bottom dweller. However, we’ve now been a bottom dweller for 8 years with the couple of exceptions when we were mediocre or maybe slightly above mediocre.

I’m not that distressed with the loss to Auburn. I didn’t expect a much better showing. I am distressed we now have recruits baling on us & that Morris might not have much to sell to others. I think how much better I’d feel if we’d just beaten SJS & one of the winnable SEC games we lost. Heck, I’d feel better if we’d only beaten SJS.

I have no confidence in Morris, but neither am I certain he’s incapable of doing the job. We have some good players, but we don’t have nearly enough. We certainly have no line depth. However, he’s got to finish with at least one more win this year. Needs to finish with two more although I can’t see that happening.

We’re not going to get a bunch of highly rated out of state players it doesn’t look like. I just hope we can get some players who badly want to play & can be developed who are getting overlooked by better programs.

I want someone to give me some ray of hope that I have seen the last of top 25 Razorback programs before I die. (I’m 67)

Does anyone really want to be in the dysfunctional Big 12 conference? Those teams are tired of ut dictating terms to them including them getting lesser $ based on their 3 tier payout structure that pays the lion’s share of funds to ut & OU.

OU would leave Big 12 in a heartbeat for the SEC or Big 10 if they were not legally tied to bringing OSU with them. Supposedly KU is upgrading their football facilities in hopes of eventually moving the Big 10 (with OU that Big 10 wants) where their basketball would excel. West Virginia is the far away stepchild that no conference wanted & still to be determined where they end up.

Look at why NE, MO, aTm, & CO were so anxious to exit the Big 12 conference. They learned that while ut claimed to be committed to the Big 12, they were quietly negotiating a move to the Pac 12. That deal fell thru based on Pac12 requiring ut give up the longhorn network. When the 20 yr longhorn network contract expires, who knows if ut will again try to make the move. Based on $ losses of the network, it could be sooner. The only reason the other schools remain in Big 12 is that they need ut & the $ more than ut needs them. ut might also consider becoming independent like Notre Dame. Once ut &/or OU leave the Big 12, the conference goes away with the leftover teams scrambling for a lesser conference.

Big 12 is a risk that I would not consider for Arkansas. Our football is down for now, but other sports are competitive in SEC play. SEC was such an upgrade & opportunity for us to get past the SWC days where we usually had only 1 big game per season to get excited about.

I told you I know it won’t happen. Stability is the biggest reason. But you’re also making a lot of assumptions. Who knows what the next round of expansion will look like?

That aside, in a vacuum, I would much rather be there. I want to see us consistently win, I want to attend more road games, I want more natural rivalries, I want to play schools we have longer histories with, I want to fight more with the hordes of people I know that went to those schools. And so on…Also - it’s a better conference than the old SWC.

Maybe the SEC will add a bunch of those schools. That would be cool. We could be in the “far west” division with Kansas, OU, OSU, Texas, TT. Whatever. Doesn’t have to be in the current Big 12. I would just rather see us play those teams more than many of the SEC teams we currently play.

ut & OU would be the most likely candidates for the SEC. But ut does not want to make the move due to: opening TX talent to SEC teams, SEC level of competition, & ut ego of being the elite of their conference. When UofA was invited the SEC, it was not so much that the SEC wanted Arkansas, the SEC believed ut & aTm would follow AR as the SWC collapsed. It would have been an SEC windfall to get DFW, Houston, SA, & Austin football tv markets & revenues.

I’ve followed Arkansas football since the late 1950s. There has never been a more discouraging period than that covered by our last three coaches: Smith, Bielema and Morris.

To illustrate our ineptitude vs. the SEC West, some of which pre-dates the above named coaches, see the following:

Alabama - 12 consecutive losses
LSU - 3 consecutive losses and 6 of the last 8
Auburn - 4 consecutive losses and 6 of the last 7
Mississippi - 2 consecutive losses
Miss. State - 2 consecutive losses and 6 of the last 7
Texas A&M (a team we had dominated historically) 8 consecutive losses

Throw in Missouri, our permanent SEC East opponent that has defeated us 3 consecutive years and 5 of the last 6, and it is clear that we are at the very bottom of the SEC. Presently, we cannot make a case that our football program is superior to that of Vanderbilt or Kentucky, the perennial last place teams in the east.

Would a move to the Big 12 or another conference benefit us? Not as long as the program remains in the hands of the present “powers that be.” I firmly believe that this year’s squad would be in last place in any of the Power 5 conferences.

While football has always overshadowed the other athletic programs, it is undeniable that we have enjoyed a great deal of recent success in most of our other sports. And it goes without saying that the financial rewards in the SEC are significant.

I think that there is little or no chance that we would move to another conference.

There’s a lot of winning going on up on the hill! Football is down no doubt. There’s only one way out of the bottom and we didn’t get to the cellar over night and it will take time but the hogs can win in football! It won’t happen this year so find something else to do on game day! I’ll be watching and following our hogs a hoping they will improve and get back to winning again.

To leave the sec after sinking to the bottom is a cowards way out. The way I see it, we made our bed and we need to fix it. I would rather keep getting pounded than to change conferences. It’s all on the leadership at the u of a. Apparently they accept our mediocre(overstated) standing,” que sara Sara” we are now where Kansas use to be, we are 1-19 in the sec since the greatest Hog passed away…what a embarrasing way to honor his legacy.

Couldn’t agree more, geography is not our problem!! Our problem is that we hired a coach that had a losing record and is now trying to coach a team in the Sec western division, he could have hired a committee and took 6 months looking around and not come up with a tougher job than where he is right now. I’m not being critical of CCM I’m stating the facts, he may very well prove that’s hes exactly what our program needed to become competitive in the Sec, but he needs to show something in the way of a win to get another year I believe. WPS

The years UA was in the SEC CG or a NYD bowl we were not the most talented and did not have the highest rated recruiting classes. We were well-coached, the scheme and talent were well-suited for one another, and we had elite playmakers (almost always from in-state). The list of out-of-state studs over our SEC time is pretty limited.

My first rule as a fan - quit obsessing about recruiting. At least until signing day is over. One of those “top rated recruits” may wind up in jail before he wears a college uniform. His ranking would drop quite a bit, if so. Every year, players emerge across the country that were not highly recruited. You can’t make a living off of the 3-star player exclusively, but you can build a helluva supporting cast. UA football is all about the 3-star supporting cast doing their thing in the shadow of a couple of uber-stars.

The unsung heroes of our best teams are not always immediately talked about. We mention Mallet, Wilson, the great Petrino WR corps, etc. We don’t talk about Jerico Nelson and Ross Rasner, who were amazing at the hybrid OLB/SS position in the Petrino scheme. We don’t win a lot of games without those two manning that position quite well. Chris Houston became a lockdown CB after being a 3-star guy who wasn’t offered by UT despite playing HS ball within a few miles of their campus. Oops.

With a better team around him, Austin Cantrell would have been that type of player. Same with TJ Smith. Sam Olajabutu. Ken Hamlin. Malcolm Sheppard. The last three played on better teams but are that type of player - under-rated who became an anchor. They made the stars shine.

Quit obsessing about recruiting when talking about a coach - only the broad brush strokes matter. Losing this recruit or that recruit is not a helpful exercise. Plus, a good coach will use the turmoil about their contract status to their favor - “I am bringing you to UA because you can turn this around for us in your first year. I need you to make this happen.”

As it stands right now, we are nothing but a dam door mat to all sec schools.


Didn’t Ken Hatfield and Houston Nutt have losing records before coming here?

I don’t think past records are indicative of what could happen here.

No not always General and I hope it’s not indicative of what happens here with Morris. I was trying to make a point of where he stood before undertaking the job of resurrecting a program that is in the Sec west. Houston I believe did have a winning head coaching record before coming to Arkansas and Ken Hatfield coached Arkansas in the Southwest Conference. Doesn’t really matter, CCM has his hands full and I hope he succeeds!! WPS