I think we have a QB

Austin played very well. ST is still suspect, but D played just good enough

I think you are being hard on the D. Defense played damned well. We played a team that is the poster child for spread offense and we held them to 28 points in regulation.

He looked a lot like Brandon tonight. GREAT team WIN!!!


Gave up a lot of yards, including some big plays in the fourth quarter, but also got a pick six and another turnover. ST just about got us beat, between the FG doink and the failure to tackle on the punt return. Skipper saved our bacon. I texted my brother “Time for Skipper to get his big paw in there”. Ten seconds later…

These Hogs are growing up. Get healthy, and keep growing. So proud for AA!

You ae going to give up yards against a spread team. The key is minimizing the scoring. We did that and came up big when we needed to. Defense played well and, for the most part, tackled better.

Special teams…sheesh. Can we just stat kicking it out of bounds and starting them at the 35? They are going to start there anyway and it will minimize a really big return.

Don’t tell Tushhog, you’ll break his heart.

HE LOOKED LIKE DARREN MCFADDEN TO ME!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That kid can’t play. He’s only out there because of his last name. We ran our best QB off. (Insert sarcasm icon here)

Yes Arkansas has a QB

These Razorbacks grew up a lot tonight this game will give them some comfidence and momentum

I’m very happy for our Razorbacks I didn’t give them my ch chance to break 7 wins in pre season - well this expected loss goes in the win Side of the ledger

I’m so pleased with how they played and grateful for a coach Bret leadership

Great win. One of the best games of this young season in college football. I do have one observation. AA does not get a lot of zip on his passes. Just my opinion. But, he is 2-0, which trumps everything.

When he gets his feet set he can drill it. TD passes to Sprinkle and Hatcher being among them. If he doesn’t, they can flutter. But Enos can continue to coach that.

I think he throws a better pass than Brandon. We are set at QB. Need to keep this momentum and no quit attitude and this team can be very special…

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Austin Allen showed us guts, leadership, good decisions, and a great arm against a #15 ranked team that everyone anointed as a Top 10 team. AA is going to have some bad games but he is going to have far more good games. AA made the Winning throw last week and made the run this week. He learned by watching this brother and we can see now how much he matured by watching the last few years.

The Oline went up against a unique defense that TCU had never shown to start the game, so we had some trouble running at times. It was not like I expected. I expected us to run better on them, but TCU was very prepared with a new defense. Our Oline grew up a little tonight and now they can work on more improvements next week against Texas St.

I was impressed with the Defense against such a good spread offense that runs hyper fast HUNH. The Dline was impressive even though they had too be careful rushing a running QB. We did much better than I had anticipated on defense. I came away impressed with Pulley at Corner because he shut down #2. I also like Ramsey and hope he gets more snaps. Our starting LB’s are playing too many snaps. They have to get off the field ASAP against Tx st, so that we can play Hacket, Harris, Eugene a lot of snaps.

Austin Allen’s throw to Jeremy Sprinkle in the first overtime was a perfect throw that showed that when he sets his feet, he can sling it. He was CLUTCH and answered any questions about how he will perform with the game on the line. Heck of a game. My heart needs a break after that roller coaster of emotion. So proud of these Razorbacks.

He played a great game tonight after playing pretty well last week. I think we have a fine QB.

Anyone criticizing AA for his play tonight must have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on a HOT night as their standard.

Austin played great in his second game. In a hostile environment. With an offensive line that is finding itself. Without a dominant running game.

And he made it happen. He even caught the critical 2 point conversion…then ran it in for the win (with his feet off the ground as Ragnow pushed him in.

Woooooo Pig!

Caught one

Ran one

Threw a bunch and no picks

Double A is the real deal