I think we can take Mizzou off the list of potential wins

They look much better than I thought they would against WV. I hate Mizzou too.

They did not play well in week one. Bounced back. But West Virginia in transition. I figured coach Dana bailed at right time.

They lost to Wyoming last week and looked bad doing it.

Shows you how much 1 week can change a tune.

That game is so far off. I wouldn’t take bets on it right now because so much can change in a 12-game season.

That being said, I do have it as a loss for Arkansas .

They did lose to Wyoming (my Mom’s school) last week.


One game at a time. Keep the faith.


I’m with Dudley…a lot can happen with both teams between now and Thanksgiving. And it could have something to do with what each team has left to play for by that time of the year

I think Wyoming is on the verge of being a strong program. Craig Bohl is a good coach.

You don’t want to play Craig Bohl teams. I still don’t know why he’s not at Nebraska.

Playing 7500 above sea level is hard on you when you are not accustomed to doing such.

Mizzou made costly mistakes (2 defensive touchdowns for Wyoming) is a lot to overcome.