I think we can relax now guys

Texass bullpen is throwing us BP

I don’t think the rain delay hurt us as badly as I feared. Sure hate leaving the bases loaded, though. :smiley:

I’m not going to totally relax until the last out! I feel good about the game but it’s not over. They have warmed up the bus!
Leaving the bases loaded after scoring 8 runs in an inning only stings because it was against Texas!

This game has reminded me of a basketball game at the stage where Jonathan Holmes is in there jacking up threes. Garbage time.

I admit I was beginning to get a bit worried in the 8th when they got 2 runs & then we loaded the bases. Glad to see that final out. Now the 7 run lead going into B8 feels very good. I’d still like to get those runs back this inning, though.

Never let the foot off the gas.

Just have to throw strikes and are having a hard time doing it.no excuse for it.

I cannot relax until the final out.

It’s Texas.

It’s over.

What we have a hard time realizing is that now we are a better school athletically than Texas. In the most recent meetings we mopped up NRG Stadium with them, beat them in Houston in hoops and 3-0 vs. them in baseball this season. Their mystique is gone.