I think we are locked in for a #6 seed....

no matter what happens tomorrow. Now let’s win out and get a 4 or 5 seed.

Hope you’re right.

The #4 and #5 seeds all play out West. I’ll take the #6 seed in Dallas and be happy.

I’m not sure how much the needle will move on the seed line issue. Swine may be able to take the best guess at that. But that Dallas 6 seed would be nice. I think it will require beating Tennessee tomorrow.
I hope Bardford, Macon and Beard will have enough in their legs to have the energy tomorrow.

RPI Wizard says now we’ll be at 23 RPI if we beat the Viles tomorrow. We’re 26 now. That’s more 7 seed range. They could bump us up, but 6-8 against Quadrant 1 isn’t all that great, and EOE would just make it 7-8. Sweeping EOE would be a nice feather to drop in the committee’s lap tomorrow night though.

I think we are no worse than a #6 now. Several teams around us on Bracket Matrix on the #6 and #7 lines have had bad weekends. TCU lost in the first round of the Big 12 tourney. UF loses in their first SEC tourney game to us. So did A&M. Nevada got blown out by an NIT team tonight. Miami got blown out by UNC in their first ACCT game. Seton Hall did not advance the Big East tourney.

If the committee is putting any weight on the conference tourneys, Houston, Arkansas, and Kentucky should be on the #6 lines.

Look at some of the teams ahead of us in RPI:

Saint Bonaventure - 3 Group 1 wins
TCU - 4
Loyola - 1
A&M - 5
Miami - 5
UK - 3

Joe Lunardi agrees with y’all. He just has the Hogs in Wichita.
http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … acketology

I think I”d rather be a 6 than a 5. It might be a silly reason, but 5 seeds seem to lose more first round games than anyone except the low seeded teams. Theoretically, there’s no reason for that record, but it’s there.

I want to beat Tenn & if we do, I want to win the whole thing, but I wouldn’t be too upset if we lost today & had a day to rest our legs before going into the NCAA. I know these are 20 year olds, in good shape, & might recover by Thursday or Friday, but 4 straight days of playing before only a couple of days rest then travel makes for.a tough way to win next week.

I do wish the SECT started a day earlier and ended on Saturday. Rest and sometimes the SECT winner doesn’t even really get credit for winning that game due to it being on Sunday.

A 6-seed in Dallas please. It might create shades of yesteryear before the Hogs were in the SEC, as respects crowd.

ACC does it right.