I think UT/OU/A&M/Mizzou make a very nice pod

I think A&M, once it accepts that it cannot block this deal from happening, will end up in a pod with UT & OU, & probably either us or Mizzou. That ends the Battle Line Rivalry. No harm there. It renews the A&M/Texas Thanksgiving game and the annual state fair OU/UT game continues. If Mizzou goes into that pod, that puts us in the LSU, OleMiss, & MissStake pod. I like that better since, I think, we can compete with the two Miss schools better than OU/UT and LSU is up and down. I think that pod gives us the best chance at a good record each year. After the shaft the SEC gave us on the Covid year schedule, they owe us one. The fact they followed that with an officiating fiasco that cost us the Auburn game also gives a chip to throw into the pot. Will the SEC finally not shaft Arkansas for the very first time? Probably not, but we can hope. JMVVVVVHO

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Give me Arkansas, Texas, Texas AM, OU.


That is actually worse than our current situation in the SECWest. I would much rather compete against the Miss & LA schools than those three schools. We can just play one of those three each year. That also gets rid of the JerryWorld obligation which is overdue to go.

Being put with ‘come to the Sip’ and LSU that’s the SEC saying Arkansas go sit at the kiddie table and shut up

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It’s LSU, Texas, A&M, and OU. Then AR, MO, Miss., Miss. State. KY, Vandy, Tenn, and SC. AL, Aub., FL, GA. At least if a guy can wish.

What is the POD deal? Two 8 team divisions is just fine. Slide Alabama and Auburn over to the East and get after it.

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I think the pod should be Arkansas, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, with permanent other pod games with Ole Miss, Miss St, and South Carolina. Rotate last 2 games.

That is the most logical move. Play two out of division, rotating, and three non-conference games.

The reason a POD system works is you play 3 teams every year and all 12 of the others every other year.

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The pod idea has gained steam because it provides a way to continue most all of the rivalry games annually while putting the majority of the conference games on a rotating basis, which could guarantee that each school would face every other school both home and away within a four year period. So seniors would get to play on every campus within the conference at least once. (It’s been 15 years since we played Vanderbilt in Nashville, for example.)

It also helps create more balance in the schedule. The West has been seen as the stronger division in recent years (and the Eastern Division was considered stronger before that). So if we’re in a pod with Texas, OU, and Mizzou, we would play those schools every year, but we would play every other school twice (home and home) within a four year period. This creates a 9-game league schedule.


I don’t know if any pod system will be permanent, but I don’t want to get stuck in the same pod with 3 programs the caliber of LSU, OU, & Tex as permanent rivals. I’d like to have MU in there with us. Despite the recent history, I think we’re an overall stronger program than MU & I’d like to have at least one permanent opponent that’s not a perennial top 10 or top 5 team. Winning early is important. TCU, a horrible program in the SWC for over 40 years, started winning big in a lesser conference before it got the Big 12 invite. It then kept it up.

Dividing the pods will not be easy unless the conference tells teams they’re going to have to give up some annual rivalry. Bama can’t have TN & Aub at the same time Aub has UGA and while TN has UGA & KY while UGA has AU, UF, & TN. Does A&M have both LSU & Tex? Does Tx keep OU but not A&M?

I suspect the TX-OU rivalry and Bama-Aub rivalries will continue. To do that, I bet there will be one permanent rival outside a team’s pod. That’s about the only way to maintain them.

In other words, this is the best method for limiting the damage that league schedule writers can do.

Yesterday on their radio show (103.7 in LR), Justin Acri & Wes Moore said creating two 8-team divisions was a “no brainer.” I suspect, like many things said by Buzz personalities, will prove untrue. At least it will not come to pass.

Heard Chuck Barrett a little while ago on the afternoon show. Chuck thinks there could be some merger between the Big 10 & ACC. Also thinks the SEC is likely to go to 20 teams. Even suggested the possibility of So Cal going to the Big 10. I don’t see that happening unless there’s such a shakeup of what we now call the P5 conferences that none are likely to resemble anything we know today. Heck, there might become four 18 or 20-team “conferences.”

That wouldn’t be my wish. I don’t want to hide in a “weak” pod.

I’d like Texas, OU and Mizzou. A traditional rivalry restored, a regional rivalry that never was finally initiated, and a recently started game that eventually will turn into a “border war” retained…plus the rotation through the rest of the SEC that gives us a break from Alabama and LSU EVERY year.

Yeah…I like that. Which means it probably has NO chance of coming to be…lol.

You know, I get that Alabama fans feel they “have” to play Auburn and Tennessee every year. “Always have!”.

Well…I never thought (30+years ago) I’d see the day when Texas no longer played the Hogs, OU and Nebraska didn’t play each season, and A&M and the Horns ended (suspended) their series.

This is just what happens with the realignment that College football is going through right now. There are changes and sacrifices for everybody, and I don’t see that Alabama is immune from having to share in that experience. I just don’t.

Having said that, I understand that some way, somehow…they probably won’t have to.

It stinks. Not that I wouldn’t rather maintain all of those old rivalries…but change should be borne by everyone, even Bama.

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At this point I don’t rule anything out. A Power Two? Maybe. A 75-team Power Five with the AAC as the fifth? Could be. Big 12 adding Cincy and BYU and so on and trying to hang on? They may try.

It will be weird, may be bad or good, but definitely interesting.

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That would 9 on one side and 7 on the other

I think there are good reasons not to stick us in a pod with LSU, Texas and Mobilehoma, and it has nothing to do with what’s fair to us. Then there would be another pod with only one traditional power, or none, which would have a huge advantage over the other three pods in the race for playoff spots and the SECCG. Let’s say that the other western pod is TAM, OM, Moo U and Misery. That’s as easy a pod as you can get in this league unless it was Vandy, UK, Poultry and us. And that ain’t gonna happen.

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That’s my view. I can’t rule out anything at this point. The one thing I think is coming is a more autonomous elite group–a stronger “P5” for lack of a better description. But how it will be divided, how many are in it, and who is in each division is anyone’s guess.

I like it only change I want is Mizzou game moved off thanksgiving weekend

If the game develops it will play just as well in October but thanksgiving

Arkansas needs A TV audience that Mizzou Ark is just crickets on thanksgiving

Bet boardeline psych game would do just fine in oct