I think Treylon Burks is due for a breakout game -------------

------------- on national TV, against a top five school. He has been dinged up this year so far and is slowly playing himself into SEC shape. His taking in a swing pass, making one guy miss him, and running away from the rest of the secondary against Ga Southern is just a hint of things to come. Briles has been using him effectively as a decoy a lot so far this season. It is time to get him the ball and go block for him. He can do the rest. It is time to show the world why he is pre-season first team all-Sec and a future top ten draft pick. Go Hogs.


We are going to play some teams in the next few weeks who are going to try and play him more one on one. He will win most of those, even with a safety slightly leaning his way.

So i agree that we will see way more in big yardage games.

I agree would love to see us run some combo routes and get him open and burn the aggies but that takes time to throw those and that will be our challenge this week,best DL we’ve seen by far.

I’m hoping our mobile quarterback can throw accurately on the run as has been mentioned. He can be a huge advantage for us this weekend.

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absolutely can be huge if he can do that.

Taking those throws to the house requires a more accurate throw by KJ. There have been several passes that would have been to the house if KJ had not thrown it to where the receiver had to turn around and fall down just to make the catch.

Now Burks took an easy short pass to the house that was different, but during the GA southern game there was 2 different occasions where the receiver had a home run if the pass had been on target, but instead it was just a fall down catch.

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There are teams that try to take away the run. That’s Treylon’s key to go crazy.

A fall down catch. How much of that is seeing the ball, tracking it, and keeping your feet under you when you make the catch so you can keep going? Kind of like a cat turning in the air and landing on its feet. Athleticism.

I definitely agree with that he’s got to be able to hit him in stride

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