I think this sums up the day

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Regardless of how successful a signing day goes for Arkansas, you can seemingly always count on a small but very vocal segment of the Razorback fan base to concentrate on what didn’t happen instead of what did.

It was no different on Wednesday as the Arkansas staff landed the national letter-of-intents of 20 prospects, 10 on the offensive side of the ball and 10 on the defensive side. It was the first day of the second-ever early signing period.

The newest Razorbacks are part of a recruiting class that is ranked 13th by Rivals, 18th by ESPN and 19th by 24/7 and one that Razorback head coach Chad Morris lauded with high praise.

You have made a very good assessment. While a few are happy and thankful there will always be some whom just like to complain. This class is a start to change the attitude in the lockerroom. The talent and speed in this group will help on both sides of the ball.
Our fan base should be thrilled the coaches could pull this first day off with these results. They aren’t done yet.
I think they have a shot to move up a little.
No matter what takes place between now and February they’ve over achieved.