I think this photo kinda encapsulates last night

It’s so weak to constantly blame the refs. The better team won and it wouldn’t have mattered how the game was called. I saw nothing ref wise that made me say “that cost us the game!!”
Now, the way we closed the 1st half and how weak we were around the rim certainly cost us the game.


You know many Magazines and sports commentators thought that we received all the calls against Gonzaga. Having said that was that intentional because the powers to be thought that Duke would have a better chance to move on against us instead of Gonzaga? Had time on my hands and thought I would pitch a conspiracy thought out there to see if anyone would take a swing. WPS

I figure the refs benefitted Duke for at least +5/+6, so they would still win, probably. Duke made shots. They have a bunch of really talented players. In a seven game series, I figure we win three at most.

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