I think this is worth noticing

I think this significant although totally unofficial. …

In the last update before selection show bracketmatrix.com had moved us up to a 7 seed for the first time.

I beleive in the law of large numbers waaaay more than I trust lunardi or palm or any one individual

Unfortunately, the compiled brackets don’t determine our seed. The 10 guys in that hotel room in Indianapolis do. Maybe they see things the same way those 73 brackets do. We find out in about an hour.

The one guy on the matrix who has us as a 6 seed is Ken Massey, who actually has a really good analytics site for multiple sports. It would be nice if the committee agrees with him. Even if he does send us to Buffalo. A 6 would be a good way to get to the second weekend.

Comments: I’m not one to spread conspiracies, although it did not make since to me that if Ark won the SEC championship tournament they wouldn’t move several spots up to a higher seeding, its like you are intentional eliminating any team motivations
too beat Kentucky

We play in the no respect SEC! I’m just proud we should get in. Next year I hope for a 5 seed. This year 7 is my hope.
If I was betting I’d say 8

If Syracuse gets in the field it will be proof they change the rules for the reputation of a school. We have been left out over road wins. Lack of. Last ten games. Poor finish.
You name it. Kansas state and Syracuse should not get in!