I think this is promising

Alfahiym Walcott has cancelled his Florida visit.

Will decide from Arkansas and Texas A&M early next week. He visited the Aggies before making it to the Hill.


Richard weren’t you thinking Nebraska for him at one time ?

I don’t like A$M but I’m not scared of A$M either ….

I agree on canceling the Florida trip, doesn’t he have a family connection there ?

It’s hard not to be overly excited, especially since his teammate, Johnson, committed to the Hogs a few days ago. Can we assume the 2 probably talked after Johnson’s commit?

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Yes on Nebraska. That’s what a Baylor source said. Well he was wrong obviously. To be fair, the person is usually always right with any Baylor info.

I think Arkansas is in excellent shape here. He leaves this afternoon. Will have a story.