I think this game helps

Our shooting. Simply because I think our poor shooting is lack of focus. We needed a wake up call.
We got a huge dose of wake up today.
If today’s domination does get you focused nothing will.

Last year is over, can live off that. Got to get done today.

Besides our shooting, we do not defend the three ball. We haven’t been good at this all year and unfortunately it probably won’t change. A team like Alabama will beat us like OU did today because they make a high percentage of threes.

I agree.

Poor offensive sets and poor shot selection is ok against small fries but not against power 5.

We have to be deliberate on offense with hard cuts and got to get 4 and 5s involved inside vs relying on poor outside shots.

D is inconsistent as well and not what’s needed in conference play.

Coach may not have kind of personnel as last season, but this team needed this wake up call because it’s better than product today.

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Maybe they’ve spent too much time practicing their pre-game routine

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This response was coming at some point. Well
Played. Next response is we should have used that time shooting. I’ll go ahead and play that one. Got those out of the way.

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Terrible 3pt defense! Terrible pick n roll defense! On offense, too much dribbling and then passing ONLY when you’ve used up your dribble! Lastly, at some point during his tenure here, Muss has got to get an inside scoring threat on campus. Positionless basketball works on offense when you have shooters. We don’t.

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I thought two of the most important games last season were the blowout losses at Alabama and LSU in January. Big losses can be sobering.


This game helps show how much we are missing Jalen Tate

I think Muss is a great coach and great recruiter, but he has his hands full getting this team to be in the top 3 in the conference.

Hands full of poor BB IQ being displayed by a few guards! Each player needs to man up! As a team they are good as individuals they can’t win!

Good. We get this one in early, and before SEC games begin as a bonus. Now if the guys learn to start playing at the beginning of the game, not 10 minutes later…

I’ve been waiting for our lack of shooting to catch up with us…and it’s not an easy fix. The key will be protecting the ball and rebounding. If we can improve in those areas, then it will lessen the impact of not having great shooters.

We have shooters. We just don’t have shot makers (like Seinfeld’s reservation taker/holders). Notae, in particular. He’s been shooting a lot, just not making many. If this keeps up, he might find himself on the bench a lot more than on the court.

The shooting numbers are pretty efficient inside the arc. I’m not sure how today’s game changes the stat, but Arkansas was shooting 57% on two-point attempts through nine games.

There have been a lot of poor shots taken from beyond the arc. I’ll be interested to see if there an emphasis on taking fewer three-point shots. Arkansas is averaging more than 20 three-point attempts per game. That’s not a terribly high number, but it kind of feels like it for a team shooting 28%.

Have to defend the three

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