I think this answers

some questions that were being asked.

We got the guards that Muss wanted.

Good evening Senor Davenport. Is there currently any hooper transfer prospects we need to be keeping an eye on? After 5 commits it now seems quiet. Hope all is well Senor Davenport and the rest of the wholehogers.

Nothing to report right now.

I’m hoping TT or K-State. This kid is damn good and from Springdale.

Is Hunter Dickinson even a remote possibility?

For Maryland or Kansas…yes.
Us…not a chance.
He doesn’t play D, and I don’t think he fits the way Muss looks like he wants to play next season.

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We are hoping to get a visit from him after he visits Kansas on Thursday, if he doesn’t end things and commit there.

I wouldn’t call it a great chance, but there’s a chance.


He had a chance to be a Hog but wanted to see consider other schools more before committing. Good player.



Hey, Richard. Is there anything that makes you say no on Dickinson? Just curious, as there are other reporters that I believe to also be trustworthy (you are definitely at the top of trustworthiness though) reporting that Arkansas is definitely in the race for him.

I am okay with him not coming here. He would have been the fifth small guard on the team. That is way too many.

However, Muss has been adding transfers this year that are a liability on defense. I am thinking when they had the zoom call with Hunter, Muss did not get good vibes on his interest and decided to move on and not waste time and energy on him.

You know who this mistery committ that we are supposed to have in the next 7days ? The guy on “locked on Razorbacks” said he couldn’t spoil it but it should happen maybe this weekend no later than next WED. He it’s some one we have been keeping under the wraps

Guess we’ll see. As of today, unless something changes, I’m not expecting anything major recruiting wise.

That doesn’t count someone possibly going into the portal. I haven’t really checked on that.

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