I think they are playing the 8 man game

In Oxford tonight. Whole lotta yards and points. Guys getting lost in space. Of course we lack the firepower to exploit LSU’s suddenly exposed Defensive liabilities.

LSU looks less than dominant defensively and Burrow showed that he is human, but wow those wide receivers. Ole Miss appears to have some real weapons to look forward to in their freshman running back and Plumlee. Plumlee has a very Matt Jones like skill set and level of explosiveness.

LSU had number of starters out for this game ==mainly offensive line and several defensive starters. They will be back next weekend. Not sure about any injuries in last night’s game.

LSU was still pretty good but Plumlee did remind of Matt Jones.

The LSU defense is not playing very well. Ole Miss ran through them like you know what. Ohio State will whip LSU if they play. I hope Georgia upsets LSU and throws the playoffs into a mess.

I saw the Plumlee kid play last yr b/c he played at a school about 15 min from me and when I saw him,he displayed running ability and much better passing than what he has shown.
I did not see him having the speed to do what he is doing which is amazing!