I think there’s a good chance

some OL will jump on board fairly soon.


Some ? Like more then one ?

How soon do you think this class is full Richard ?

Next year about this time with the unlimited signees, as long as you stay within the 85 limit, lol.

Remember that for the 2023 and 2024 classes, the old 25 limit is gone. You can sign as many kids as you can fit in under your 85 limit; this is due to the portal wiping out people’s rosters. So there really isn’t “full” for the next two years. And this may be extended beyond the two-year period as well.

Good points…. I hadn’t thought of that…

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Could be. We’ll see.

So there’s no limit that we can sign for next year, but at some point we have to know when we can’t realistically take any more and stay within 85.

I would guess it’s rather fluid, but Richard do you have any idea on what that number might be?

I think they’ll be around 25.

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I don’t think the new regulations for the next two years will affect the freshman recruiting. Where the number comes in is after kids jump in the transfer portal in the spring and allows the teams to go recruit more of those guys. With most HS SRs signing early the teams that lose guys to the portal are able to sign more transfers in the spring to get their number to 85.

results of the portal activity in summary, obviously rosters are wrecked and not everyone finds a new home:

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