I think the time has come

To acknowledge that the RB f/k/a The Lion King, should have been offered a scholarship to the UofA by Brett Bielema. 4th round pick of the Patriots and the fastest 40 time among RB’s in this year’s draft. Oui oui Pierre. Well done.


Pierre Strong. Little Rock McClellan class of 2017. Had to take his talents to South Dakota State, after not getting an offer from the Hogs.

Thank you. I didn’t remember the name

He was dubbed the Lion King by KATV’S Steve Sullivan. Pierre’s runs became a weekly feature of the Friday night highlights on channel 7.

He had zero P5 offers. Can’t really blame Bert for that one. Although the RBs he pulled (Chase Hayden, Maleek Williams) didn’t do much either.

Many.of us thought his talent was obvious. Said so at the time. Time has proven us right.

You would have thought Bert would see those highlight runs on the bar big screen.

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LOL! I guess the NWA stations weren’t showing many McClellan highlights.

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