I think the seat is going to get hot at Florida

They are not very good…

Esp if Miami and FSU pull ahead…

Also USCe does not look bad… They just ran that coach off and if he comes back and beats them ??? Look out

He had 10 players suspended I didn’t expect them to keep it as close as they did. Of course it did take two pick-sixes to keep it as close as it was. Florida clearly has offensive issues but Michigan also has a pretty darn good defense

Florida is overrated. We beat them easily last year and it was the best game the hogs played all year. I’d say the gators are not a top 25 team. Bucky is in over his head! He needs to set a standard in place for those discipline issues and stop recruiting kids that are in trouble. He may want to sell his soul to the devil to win like Jim Bo at Florida State. It may just be a thing in the state of Florida to let the cons run things.

-USCe looked good against a good NC St team. Florida has a good defense but I think USCe is going to hurt them.

-UT plays today or tomorrow so that will be good to watch. UT is playing Florida in 2 weeks.

-UGA is in a lurch for a few weeks while Eason recovers from a knee sprain. Fromm looked good enough but next up is Notre Dame at Southbend for Fromm and that is a terrible position for a first start.

Florida will still probably win the Easy East for the third year in a row. Hard to fire a guy who does that.

The quarterback issue has been puzzling. I believe it will end up being the Notre Dame transfer. But that will be a one-year fix, so to speak. I do think adding some of those players out for the debit card fraud will help. Michigan did look extremely talented. That was a lot of speed for a Big Ten team. Michigan replaced a lot of starters from last year, but did it the way Alabama has done it – with talent and mainly a lot of speed and size.

Florida will probably still win the East because I don’t know that Georgia is going to be a threat without the injured quarterback.

There is no way the Florida coach or staff will be anywhere near the hot seat. McElwain took over a declining program and promptly led them to the SEC Championship game. TWICE in a row.

Nope, that dude is safe.

Now, I wouldn’t mind him being on the hotseat. I think he’s a really good coach. Florida will become really good again with him at the helm. I really believe that.