I think the " one and done" needs to go

I think basketball needs to be like Football and Baseball. Once you are on campus you stay 3 yrs or are eligible at age 21 after 2 yrs.I think it would help College Basketball tremendously and the NBA would be getting a much more polished product.i have never understood why Basketball gets to do that.


That’s how the NBA wants it. One and done was their choice; the NCAA had exactly zero to do with it. We just have to live with it. The chances that they will adopt the baseball rule? The same as my chances of being in the starting lineup tomorrow against Kentucky. It’s not even on their radar.

The NBA wants to eliminate one and done (I posted about it the other day). The players union will go along if they make roster adjustments so that an extra veteran player is allowed to hang around to mentor the 18-year-old.

Why doesn’t MLB do the same thing with college baseball or the NFL do the same thing with college football?? That’s what I’ve never understood …Why does the NBA get to do what the other two do not??

It’s not a question of “get to do”. The NFL has the rule it likes. MLB has the rule it likes. The NBA has liked one and done for about 20 years now, but wants to change it. Each league does what it wants, and what any other league does is completely irrelevant.

Once again, the NCAA has nothing to do with any of these. It can’t tell the NBA you can’t have our kids for three years. If it tried, the first lawsuits would be filed about 15 seconds after the NCAA announcement.

Well I hope the NBA does change it because it will help both college and pro ball because these kids 99% of them are not ready to step into the NBA and make any kind of significant contribution. They are not ready physically or mentally for that big a step just like they wouldn’t be in the other sports…

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The change the NBA is going to make is go back to drafting 18-year-olds. Which is fine with me. If a kid has no interest in attending college, don’t make him pretend to be a student for a year. By all accounts NSJ is all in on being a Hog for a year; otherwise he wouldn’t have come back. Same with AB. But there are kids who are in college solely because the NBA won’t draft them yet, although more and more those are ending up in Overtime Elite or overseas.

Nobody is making the NBA draft 18-year-olds. They want to have the ability because they think they can develop a kid better themselves than letting Muss or Squid or Self have him for a year. Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re not, but this is purely self-interest.

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The draft rules are part of the collective bargaining agreements between the owners and players that have to be renegotiated every certain number of years.

I think the NFL does not want teenagers in the league, in part, because they are not physically developed enough yet. That is less of a consideration for the other sports.

I totally understand the physical part in the NFL but the NBA is a GRIND!!! and these kids may think they are ready but are not ready mentally or skill set wise to play with by far the greatest players in the world especially when you have to consider they will be play almost 3 times as many games.
There are very few Ja Morant’s or Zion Willamson who can step in and really look like they belong… I just think they would be bigger stronger and far better players with a couple more yrs to play…Hopefully they will ger everything worked out to where they can make this change


So basically, it’s up to the monied Chinese NBA backers, and has little to do with the NCAA. They will roll with the money deciders. Our thoughts and opinions now amount to about the level of influence of a waterboy.

It’s the NBA’s decision, Billy, and they think they’d rather have 18-year-olds than not.

I don’t think LeBron James or Kobe Bryant would have agreed with your view, by the way.

A little history: More than 50 years ago, the NBA required you to complete your college eligibility before you could be drafted. But Spencer Haywood, a star on the 1968 Olympic team, decided he wanted to turn pro after his sophomore season. The NBA still wouldn’t draft him, but the ABA came up with a hardship exemption and he signed there. After a year in the ABA, Haywood then signed with Seattle of the NBA, and he and the Sonics’ owner filed suit against the NBA rule. It went all the way to the Supreme Court before the NBA agreed to a settlement, which created the same kind of hardship exemption the ABA had used.

Moses Malone was the first high school-to-pro, although he also went through the ABA for a year. Darryl Dawkins and Bill Willoughby were the first NBA draftees out of high school in 1975; they also applied for the hardship exemption, which was basically they didn’t have a job and their parents were not wealthy. Then there weren’t any more HS-to-pro players for 14 years. The successful move of Kevin Garnett into the NBA in 1995 prompted a 10-year stream of players like LeBron and Kobe until one-and-done was put in in 2005.

Yeah and for every Lebron James and Kobe Bryant there are many many more who couldn’t even come close to doing what they did… they are the ultimate exceptions to the rule…

I just think it’s a shame that all the sports are not on the same page on this… The college game is the one that suffers the most. That’s what I care about most.


Youdaman makes a good point but in different light in my opinion. The product the professional teams and leagues are putting on the field is not the high quality that built those leagues. However, it is not competition as much today as it is filling the airways with entertainment media to sell advertising and secure viewer eyeballs, kinda like getting number clips on tech sites. . Leagues do not feel they have to market like they used to and are now protecting the established ownership groups and current cash flows…

Anyone watching spring baseball with clock changes, current level NBA players scoring 77 points and NFL about to give QB $500million when scoring is declining means tv gets what they want and league goes along. Now how does that grow the future of the sport? Same is happening in college sports so ? is same.

I am with you Billy, I hope it changes. Only issue is we might see most if not all 5 stars go the G league and then it is a fight for the 4 stars and portal players but to me that might bring the game back to the way it was when we last won the title in 94. I love having the players 2-3 years. If they do change, makes you wonder if you do land a 5 star, if they would bolt after a year to the G league or if a stipulation would be put in place to not allow that. Who knows. Either way, I think the one and done has kind of watered down college basketball but that is just my opinion.

Remember what one and done replaced: Straight to the NBA. Speaking selfishly, I would have like to have seen Al Jefferson in a Hog uni for at least a year; he’s our only signee that went straight to the pros. But I don’t see how getting people into college hoops for one year instead of none waters it down.

Drafting high school players does not preclude one and dones. A player can still explode and go to the draft after one year.

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There are lot more 19 year olds who are starting in NBA than just LeBron and Kobe. Three years is too long to wait for NBA to employ their talents, I think you will see NBA eliminating one and done, but they won’t require players to stay in college a certain number of years. Basketball players mature quicker than football and baseball.

It is for NCAA to mandate minimum number of years in college, but they may be slapped a lawsuit.

Ugh…I’m always torn on this one. I think baseball rules are better for both the college and pro basketball game, but I just can’t tell a 17-year-old kid who has gone through the process and can make some good investment money at the very least that he shouldn’t take that money and never look back.

Yes, it might be the wrong decision in the end, but I just can’t get down a kid for going for it, especially if he has gone through the proper channels and received trusted advice.

A serious question for the board. How many of these one and done kids in college even attend classes after the first semester. I’m asking because I really don’t know that it’s even required.

These Uber talented kids need an option. I get the g league becoming more prominent as the Nick smith Brandon millers of the world bypass college for nba.

I am curious if nba gives an out to a kid, ie if you declare but not drafted you can go to college for 2 years then eligible for redraft.

I think that could help both sides.

That would be the NCAA’s call. NBA decides when to draft them, NCAA decides if they can come back.