I think the last 6 years...

Are really wearing on me.

I am having a hard time building any excitement. I’m not even overly worked up when we lose. My wife used to hate when we would lose cause I would be in a funk all night. Now I shake it when the game ends.

All know I am positive, even in the worst of times. The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

Apathy is setting in. And I hate it.


Unfortunately I am now of the same mind-set, the passion is no longer there. For the fifty years prior to end of the CBP era, I would yell & scream at everyone close by (including the dog) and down a bottle of Johnny Walker Black after a loss. I would remain upset for a minimum of four days. Now I may moan for about it for 30 seconds, drink a Diet Coke, go to the hotel then sleep soundly the entire night. I’m more upset at missing a three foot putt than losing a football game.

Agree… I’ve got to the point where I want to watch, get excited when they’re doing well but like Saturday night, at some point I just knew we were going to lose and I almost quit watching. But I wasn’t surprised or really even that upset. Guess I’ve come to accept things as they are. I have hope that CCM will improve our status but my expectations are tempered and more long term. I just hope I have enough years left to see this program back to where it was - or at least close.

I’m 70…went to the U of A in the fall of 1966…got 2 degrees…was at the Big Shootout in 69. We finished in the Top 10 in the AP Poll 7 years out of 10 in the 1960’s. We were right there with SC, Texas, Alabama, Nebraska. Those were great times for us in football…our golden age. I don’t see those times ever coming back, but I do see a time when we will be competitive again. I just hope I live long enough to see it.

How we ever fell this far is a question no one can answer, but we can get back to where we are having fun and enjoying the fall season again. I remember as a boy crying when we lost to Texas in Little Rock. Now, I don’t even care because it hurts to care. I am apathetic. It’s a self-defense mechanism we use to protect ourselves. I would bet a lot of fans are like me. But we are ready to be rabid again…just give us the chance.

Well posted jhog. I am like you - about the same age, name in Sr. Walk in the 60’s, remember those years with great pride. Now when I travel to games (4 or 5 each year), I do it for family and fun as much as for the game. Losing is not something I enjoy by any means, but I do have a different perspective about it now that I’m at an advanced age. I love my hawgs, but I don’t get bent out of shape and pretend to know more than the coaches when we lose. I now usually stay pretty calm and continue to call those hawgs, and I always will. WPS!

If this board and radio talk shows are an indication, apathy has not set in.

It sounds to me that us losing turned out to be a blessing in disguise for you and many others

You may be right about that, in the 60s, 70s, 80s I would be mad as hell if we lost, especially if we lost a game we should have won, now after a loss I just say oh well maybe next year and get ready for the next game. Think we were on the way back when Petrino was here, but things went in the ditch.

Things didn’t work out for CBB for whatever reason and now he’s gone, we give CCM his opportunity to turn things around and after ample time if it doesn’t change we look for another coach until the right guy is here. Time won’t run out for the Razorbacks like it will for us senior Hog fans that desperately want to see us be competitive again before our times up on earth. With any luck CCM is the guy and things will improve, we suffered a tough loss last Saturday but we did improve our running game from game one, we will have to celebrate these small victories until the whole package comes together! WPS

Don’t know that its apathy as much as maturity has set in. I don’t get worked up about a lose like I used too, because I came to realize that there are more important things in life than a won or lose by 18-22 year old players. I’ve had season tickets since the early 90’s and am not a bandwagon fan. Nor am I a gump that considers anything less than a NC a failed season.

I don’t think it has completely set in, Dudley, but Gentry’s attitude describes mine pretty well. Like most emotions, apathy is a matter of degree. I was more apathetic at the start of this season than I have ever been. Perhaps I should use the phrase “more apathetic.” “Less excited” is probably more accurate. However, my sick gut feelings when we lose are less intense than they once were. I will probably not make the trip to Fayetteville Saturday. I missed the opener, too, although I have the “excuse” of having been out of state until late on game day. It’s been rare for me to miss two home games in a row. My attitude is moving more toward apathy than I’d like.

R&R- Recognition, and Resignation. :cry:
IF we win our remaining non-conference games, we may well then
be hoping to match last years total wins. Vandy? Ask me after this
upcoming game. Beating NT and Tulsa is no certainty at this point. A win in Little Rock would salvage a lot of pain and angst.

State of Apathy - pretty much we’re I am

I wonder when they do the 535 survey of cultural norms if changes in fan association is included?

Apathy - is cancer to a program

I’ve been a Razorback fan since the 1st grade 1963

It’s starting to look like the only ones that should care anymore are the Alumni

Ok hanging on to see how it goes but this loss was a gut punch to my enthusiasm

I hand to remind myself it’s early -

I’m 42 and thought it was largely because I have 2 young boys (4 and almost 2) that keep me very busy and have changed my outlook on life a ton, but I agree and identify with many facets of this thread. Probably mostly maturity with a splash of apathy. I suppose it’s best to be this way. It’s gonna be a long season…but life goes on.

Who cares?

Ha ha ha

This board is nothing that it used to be

I used to check the board several times a day

Bid it’s once a day at best now

I record games but delete them once I know Arkansas lost

I have lots of HI magazines still in the white mailing envolope - I don’t open losses they sit

I’m still in a wait and see mode but in my heart I’m preparing to put the Razorbacks away - they simply dont represent the state well anymore -

I’ll hang in a while longer - if Coach Morris fails I think we know UofA has become a regional Universty program not a contender

An Alumni only program - not state program

Ok I’ll step away from the ledge

Let’s see what they do this weekend

I was there Sat. Actually had a good day. Good tailgate with Gage & friends. Pretty night. Just sat there and watched. Said nothing just watched. Many CSU people said they could not believe it. I told them I had no trouble believing it. Another said they actually beat an SEC team. I said you didn’t. There was no SEC team in Ft Collins Sat. Just an also ran they is not up to Mt West standards

i agree with original poster. people on this board are die hards and i consider myself a die hard fan. however i too used to get upset with a loss, especially one like last saturday. but i did not stew for days, got over it fairly quickly. i have come to the realization it is going to take 3 to 4 years of recruiting at a better than average pace to even be competitive in the SEC…I was hoping we could out coach a couple of teams each year and steal a few wins, but instead we got outcoacheded by CSU. disheartening to say the least.

What i feel bad about is my kid and his age group. he was raised to be a hog fan and is avid, yet he has never really seen success in either football or basketball that he can remember, born in 1991, he was too young to remember national championship season or the 1995 runner up season in basketball. we did have one really good year he remembers under petrino but we choke in the sugar bowl. in basketball he calls us one and done if we even make the tournament in basketball. we didn’t even get the one last year. he watched all baseball games with me this year, yet we drop a pop fly then choke once again. He asks all the time, are we ever going to be good again. will we ever win a championship in his lifetime. most of these young adults have never experienced greatness and a national championship in any sport. and most of his friends really don’t care. and we wonder why in state recruits are consistently leaving for other pastures in all sports in arkansas.

I too am 70 years old. I cherish the memories of walking to War Memorial Stadium with my dad from Oak Forest to watch the Razorbacks play when tickets were $5 a seat. I remember the Ole Miss game with the disputed kick. I remember when we lost to Texas in LR like J hawg mentioned. I remember when Sterner fumbled the ball away at Tennessee. Those were heartbreaking events in Razorback history. I can remember when the Hogs lost on Saturday, that the following week on Monday was a dark and gloomy day. Generally, things did not get turned around until Wednesday. Dudley stated that the radio talk shows and this board indicate that apathy has not set in. Well, for me and for many others in my neck of the woods, a Razorback loss doesn’t mean that much any more. Life goes on. The sun comes up and all of us look forward to the next game on the schedule hoping for a different outcome. I think that perhaps Dudley maybe referring to that guy from Clarksville! I do support the hogs and hope that our coach can somehow right the ship and once more make Razorback Football with its 92 million dollar revenue relevant again!

Bluegrass you have hit the nail on the head.