I think the factor determining CMA is

ticket sales. If HY doesn’t believe there will be increased ticket sales next year Mike’s gone, if HY believes that ticket sales next year because of good recruiting etc. Mike will be retained. I can see both sides. It is obvious that CMA is not near the coach Nolan was but very few coaches are!

The only thing that will increase ticket sales, is winning ball games

Ticket sales where down a tad last year, this year would see a pretty big decrease if they kept him.

The schedule is also a factor in selling tickets. Outside of a few games (Indiana, Florida, the Ole Miss game because of the championship reunion) this wasn’t a schedule that was going to attract a lot of casual ticket buyers when the team was not predicted to be good.

Arkansas sold 19 fewer season-ticket packages this year, but season-ticket sales were still strong. The people who buy season tickets seem to be pleased with their return on investment because the Razorbacks still are typically strong at home even in down years.

Even if Anderson is back, ticket sales could bounce back next year with a stronger home schedule.

I can tell you that I will be dropping from 4 season tickets to 2 season tickets next year if Mike is retained as coach. My donation will be cut in half as well. When the administration demonstrates they value winning at a top 25 level and advancing to the second weekend of the NCAA tournament then I will go back to buying 4 season tickets.

Not sure where your tickets are located, but if they are in a prime section you may want to rethink cutting your donation. Even if the per seat donation is the same, they’ll move you out if you don’t match your previous total donation.

Don’t worry someone will pick up the slack for you. SMH! Genius idea, “I want a winner so I’m going to take money away to do it and throw a hissy fit while doing it” pure genius.

General are you sure you have been taking your MEDS lately??

First of all, your math is off. Second weekend of the NCAA tournament is 16 teams. You can be top 25 and never see the second weekend.

Second, we have also been in the top 25 under Mike; finished #21 in the final poll in 2015. But that doesn’t fit your agenda, does it, so you ignore it.

Third, get ready to get your two remaining seats moved. They will flat out move you if you cut your donation and you won’t like the change.

Finally, even if Mike gets the ax, it does not mean we’ll be better with a new coach. It does not even mean we’ll be as good. Think we can’t go downhill with a coaching change? Two words: John Pelphrey. We were lucky to get Mike, given the mess that Pel left.

I just can’t stand this “if I don’t get my way, I’m taking my ball and going home” attitude. Be upset, fine. Want a different coach, great. But why do you have to announce stuff like that? What good does that do?

Your a Arkansas fan not a Mike Anderson fan correct. Keeping that in mind what happens if say a new coach is winning at a high percentage as you enjoy…well guess who’s lost their spot in the donation/ticket arena seats.

That is why I am keeping the same two tickets I have had for years. The two that I will cut are the ones I got a few years ago to give to business customers or family members. I actually got those to show support for Mike, but if the athletic department will only make a change if ticket sales are down then I will no longer buy the two extras. I had a hard time giving them away this year. So they were a waste of money.

Ticket sales is important, but there are many factors. Other factors may be, how much fan support there is to retain the coach, who might be available and if the AD wants to risk selecting a coach that might win less. Even the naming of the court after Nolan may be a short term factor.

First, you have a lot better chance of making it to the second weekend of the NCAA tournament if you are a consistent Top 25 team.

Second, Mike only being ranked in the Top 25 one year out of eight is one of the reasons he should be fired.

Third, they aren’t going to move my remaining 2 tickets when my donation will still be more than the minimum required for the seats, even after cutting it in half.

Finally, I will take my chances with a new coach. Mike has proven in his eight years here that he isn’t going to take this program to the level in needs to be.

Will Wade the aspiring wonder boy at LSU should be available. Rick Pitino is available now. Actually by summer and more results come out from the FBI investigation there may be a number of coaches available that meet your expectations.
Why right now isn’t the best time to be coach searching as we could get a good or bad one, but more importantly we could get one only to find out later he is dirty maybe very dirty.

Get ready to be disappointed. Because yes, they will.

Also, just because MA hasn’t won at the level we all want yet, doesn’t mean he can’t. This is the argument I don’t understand. There are several examples of coaches with records that improved after 8 years.

I actually think the determining factor (at least for next year) is naming the court for Nolan. I know everyone is disappointed with this year’s results, but can you imagine what would happen if you try to honor Nolan less than a year after firing someone he considers like a son?

At this point I don’t even care what we do about MA stay or go it will eventually take care if it’s self. We were not lucky we got MA as he would have given his left arm for this job so luck didn’t have anything to do with his hiring and most everyone one was grateful to get him. Yes there is a chance we will be worse but if given 8 years we could be better, who knows. One thing I’ve said repeatedly is how we want to dump the dead weight and have the same staff that recruited them recruit the next class. Give me some staff changes and I can get back onboard until then I don’t see much changing. WPS

Honest question, what is a staff change going to do? This isn’t like football with an addition of Brent Venables or Lane Kiffin to guide one side of the ball.

Mike isn’t going to hire a bag man
Mike isn’t going change his token pressure
Mike isn’t going to stop switching every screen

What would staff changes accomplish other than kicking the can down the road?

Have we seen any change in the style of play with the addition of Scotty Thurman and subtraction or Zimmerman?

I’ve had conversations with the foundation/ticket office recently and this is just not accurate. If the donation is still enough to cover what the determined “seat value” is, his seats will not be moved.