I think the difference in this game

Was Castleton and Appleby’s Touchdown celebrations and trash talking and crying and whining after every bucket and foul and possession.
I truely think over the course of the game it ended up really motivating us. I noticed at one point JD had a little something for Whinington late in the game. Departed some wisdom and truth on him I’m sure.

Having said that they both had great games.


Castleton was over the top every trip up and down the court. After every shot he took. I guess I didn’t notice Appleby so much.
I did see JWill and Castleton talking to each other on the court late. Looked cordial there.
Would like to hear Jwills version of that.

Castleton had a great game, for sure. But all I could think as I watched his antics was, “this guy is treading in Bill Laimbeer territory”, as to my least favorite players ever.


both played great. how in the world did castleton have the gall to whine to officials?!?! he go EVERY call ,all night, O and D. the 4th foul on Jaylin could not have been a more garbage call. As Jimmy says" he compounded his mistake with a reach"-but as he’s saying this “play by play”, Jaylin’s body and arms are STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR! complete crap officiating, complete crap commentary. and we still beat them. at their place. suck it, Castleton and Appleby and the officials at EVERY UA-Florida game, basketball or football, for the past 20 years.



What he said…

It definitely kept us fired up. They yapped from the start. Appleby hit the first 2 3s by our bench and talked both times.

Castleton was annoying all night. Hogs put him on his butt a few times late (overdue). He didn’t like that.

And, in addition to the T, Devo went over and said something to him after a FT—and JD and Kamani did, too. He wasn’t talking at the end.


Talk is cheap. Let your play do the talking. It was nice to see K Johnson push Whinny around for a few minutes.


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