I think Tenn got undervalued at a 3 seed

I think Tenn should have been a 2 seed over Kentucky with Kentucky being the 3. Tenn and Kent were tied and Tenn won the SEC…

I can only guess it was to work some matchups or a love of Cal

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It is complete and total BS. Tennessee should have been a 1 seed.

The whole SEC got screwed and one of the guys on ESPN said tournaments should be done away with they prove nothing.

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Just win to prove them wrong.

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TN could be a sleeper to win the whole thing

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I feel like there are a lot of sleeper teams. I have watched Gonzaga, Kansas, Baylor, Arizona among others. None scare me. I would not be surprised to see 2 number 1’s go down early. Tennessee has good length and guard play so they can make a run but KY and Auburn could also. SEC top 4 are a mixed bag, could win it all or lose before the sweet 16. Should be fun!


I’ve known for weeks that Tennessee was probably going to be a 3. Absolutely no surprise.

they should have been a1.

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Rick Barnes-led teams always worry me in the post-season. He has a reputation for crapping the bed, which goes back to his days at Texas.

Maybe this is the Tennessee team that breaks thru and makes it to New Orleans. We’ll shall see. The Volunteers sure were impressive in Tampa.

We are a better team than TN. With Toney, Hogs win in TN. I do believe they matchup well with KY., but not us.

Bill Self is in that very bed…

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