I think Pittman

might get a sweep of the five kids visiting this weekend.


Uhhh. That could be the most impressive haul in razorback history for just one weekend

I second that Mountainhawg…that would be UNREAL if he did…just unreal!

That would be awesome!!

Wow! Would be unbelievable

Momentum is a real force. May help to move some current decommitted players back to becoming Razorbacks.

That would be one of the more impressive things we’ve seen in a while

Great news if it happens we need some good luck for our Hogs

That would be fantastic. I was so impressed with the offer lists for each of those guys.

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Is there a complete list of those 5. I’ve seen there names here and there but not everything.

I was hoping for at least 3 but a sweep of all 5 would be tremendous and raise eyebrows for others for Feb.

finebaum would be doing the well I knew he could recruit hemming and hawing, would be fun to see the media reaction around the South…

Darin Turner, ATH, Memphis
Ray Curry Jr., OL, Memphis
Donovan Johnson, S, Harvey, La.
Marcus Henderson, OL, Memphis
Myles Slusher, S, Broken Arrow, Ok.

Still feel the same Richard?