I think one of the freshman QB's

not only play today but will win the job. The other two have been here at least 3 years and still seem lost. CCM can’t continue throw the pole in that same spot, it’s time to switch locations and see what happens.

Proving once again that the most popular player on the team is the backup QB. Especially if its a freshman who hasn’t seen the field yet.

People who haven’t seen a single second of practice are trying to pick our quarterback. You don’t know if they even know the playbook, much less able to make the reads, make the throws or anything else. CM is no dummy. If one of the freshmen could play better than CK or TS, he’d be playing.

Yea it’s weird. Storey was a higher rated recruit than Noland. What makes everyone think Noland is the second coming of Tyler Wilson if they haven’t even seen him practice?

Noland at one point was rated very highly, but due to his commitment to baseball and inability to make all of the big time combines I’m sure he suffered in rating from that. He is more talented though, and more athletic. He played in a much, much tougher division in highschool, as previously discussed, 3a Arkansas highschool football which storey played in is about as bad as it gets in the country, talent level is very poor.

Did you not watch the game last week? If you did, you know that neither of the QBs that aren’t freshmen can make all the throws either (underthrown and/or thrown behind) and left open receivers open without throwing them the ball. It’s fairly clear that they are in over their heads, even not running the offense that the head coach wants to run.

Once again, if CN or JSJ were better than what we have, they’d be in there.

If they aren’t better then we misevaluated the QB position yet again

I truly believe there are better QB’s on the sideline. If the two that are playing are the BEST we have, we are in trouble. I will say that the QB’s on the sideline are just less experienced!!

Zero scoring on four possessions with two interceptions. Nice quarterbacking.

At some point you have to evaluate the data and assess the alternatives.

Then what does it say about the kid from Earle?

That he also played in a very poor division of football?

This is one of his knocks as he was being recruited.

Doesn’t mean he won’t be good, just means he very well may have looked a lot better than he really is and has a much more difficult adjustment to make.

Not sure what your point was there.

Quite honestly, I’m just confused by your post. What does division have anything to do with his talent level? Also confused how you know Noland is more talented. Not saying he isn’t, but you seem to objectively know.

Three interceptions by the Hog QB. Still think there isn’t a better one on the bench Swine?

I sure hope Noland is the answer