I think Nembhard made a really good decision

Leaving Florida for Gonzaga.

Sure looks like it

And Johnny Juzhang leaving Kentucky
And Davian Mitchell leaving Auburn
And Quentin Grimes leaving Kansas

And sit up, Reggie Chaney leaving Arkansas. Just kidding, although he did play one additional round and became a starter.

Justin Smith leaving Indiana.
Jalen Tate leaving New Mexico.


Tate was Northern Kentucky, Jackson was New Mexico.

I didn’t realize it was a Smith for Chaney trade; that was Herschel Walkeresque.

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Correct Keith - thanks

chaney looked good, has added some muscle and moves well. I really like that kid, even though I don’t like Houston, I pulled for him yesterday.


Not sure I understand your post. But I have a feeling you are reading Swine’s post wrong. It is written from the point of view of the player and not the team.

I did say I was kidding, but in fact it was better for Chaney. He got to start and play in Final Four, which he wouldn’t have if he had stayed.

Chaney was aggressive and often in foul trouble with Hogs. I noticed he barely fouls and passive on offense at start of each half then watches last half of each half.
I think it was point of emphasis to start feeding post at start of second half vs Baylor. They never looked his way or gave him touches in first half. I think if he amps up his aggression to get 3-4 fouls is better than no fouls. Congrats Reggie! We always seemed to hold our own with Gafford in foul trouble and Chaney in with Bailey or Gabe, Sills, Joe and Jones. Every Final Four team had an sec transfer.
Houston-Chaney from Arkansas, Gonzaga-Nembhard- Florida, Baylor-Mitchell-Auburn and UCLA-Juzang-Kentucky. So ex Gator vs ex Tiger in title game.

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