I think my wife is finally a Razorback

Married since 1982. When my wife asked at her first pep rally what people were saying, and I said they were saying “Woo Pig Sooey!”, she at first thought I was kidding. But she has made rapid progress. However, the final progression was tonight. We were working together hanging pictures. She was passing pictures up to me on the ladder , I was hanging them on the wall, and then was handing her hammer as she handed me another picture, and then the hammer back. And I finally knew she was a Razorback, “all in” so to speak with the football program, when in this process she asked me very kindly to please “Put the Hammer Down” :smiley:


Thanks. But the most congrats I need is that she always roots for the Razorbacks (unless they are playing her alma mater, UNC), does not mind if I go crazy rooting for the Razorbacks, and despite all the Hog gear I wear, she does not think I am a pig (well, usually she doesn’t :smiley: ).

Well done, hopefully she doesn’t get depressed easily…

I have an image in my mind. Let’s leave it be.