I think Muss

can win multiple national championships at Arkansas. Not saying he will because it’s so hard to win one but he possesses all the things needed to do so.

Work ethic, ability to recruit and communicate, Xs and Os and so many other intangibles are there.


It is amazing what he has done in just two short years and one of those years was during a pandemic.

He has me believing we are a final 4 team next year and with a few lucky bounces we can win it all next year or the year after.

We are going to be hard to beat at home next year. We will be hard to beat away also…

Have not been this excited about Razorback Basketball in over 20 years


Absolutely think Muss can multiple champs, got to get that 1st one 1st.

Will be interesting now that expectations are really high. More pressure to win. All the good press coming their way.
Not saying Muss can’t handle it. But with more talent and egos on the team. Getting that “team” chemistry.

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I have two words Dean Smith ,He coached UNC from 1961 to 1997 and didn’t win the first until 82, he had an incredible winning pct it’s just hard but I believe Muss can do it.Nolan Richardson had no doubt in his mind that he would do it,Dang if Kareem Reid wasn’t a prop 48 casualty I believe he would have

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Always wondered that too.

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It is amazing how really close he came last year. Nobody in the whole dance played Baylor as hard and as close as did The Razorbacks. They were certainly better at the end than Gonzaga if you can go by the two games against the Bears. The Zags never made Baylor Sweat. The Hogs certainly made them work!

It is so hard to win that thing that I cannot say Muss will do it, but he will certainly make runs at it. Look at DVH. There is none better in baseball, yet he has not gotten over the hump (even to catch a popup) YET. Just so much has to go right, but Muss is as good as I have seen. Just hope there are no popups in the Dance!


This brings a tear to my eye Senor Davenport. Thank you.

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It’s semantics, but I prefer to say that DVH HASN’T gotten over the hump yet rather than he CANNOT get over the hump. As your post implies, he just hasn’t done it yet. Hopefully, he will.

I’m always reminded of John Wooden at UCLA when I think of coaches winning championships. He is remembered for winning 10 national titles. Few people realize that he didn’t win the first one until he was in his 17th season there. He had quite a second half of his career.


I hope so. I think the key will be if he decides to take the players he wants instead of sometimes taking iffy in-state guys with lots of hype who don’t fit what he wants to do.

Instate guys would need to be a 4 star recruit before he gets an offer from Muss. So you don’t have to worry about that.

better? I like it better.

Whether they are 4-stars or not doesn’t matter to me. There are plenty of overhyped 4-stars who either aren’t very good or don’t really fit what he wants to do.

The idea that a player is undoubtedly a player because he has a 4-star ranking is not always correct.

True, but all that means is Muss is not going to give you an offer just because you are a 4 star. But the flip side is unless proven otherwise, you are not going to get an offer from Muss if you are not a 4 star. Bottom line is you are going to see instate projects under Muss that you are concerned about,

I would think that an instate player with lots of hype that might not fit what Coach Muss wants to do would have been Devo Davis. So far, that has worked out pretty well.

This coaching staff is so detail oriented that I seriously doubt they would take a kid just to take him, just because he’s from Arkansas. Nor would they rely on others’ evaluation of a player before deciding if he fits their system. I think they know what they want and are aggressively going after it, regardless of where the player calls home.

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Miss can evaluate talent! There could be a player that he sees as a fit with Size and shill set that is just simply underrated and ends up a 3 star that he may take so don’t think it’s all about the stars. There have been plenty of highly rated player that have been flops. Look at Kentucky last season.

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As I said, until he does that I don’t believe it. He has not been here that long, so it could definitely still happen, but so for the record says “no”.

Glad Nolan didn’t think that way with Pat Bradley.


I don’t typically like to mix things up but man PJ, this take is getting old.


Dang straight. That Kermit Davis knows what he’s doing.

Maybe old but true. And I want it to remain true. I want 4 stars and above only and fill rest of the roster with transfers. It is the best recruiting strategy I have seen so far. Low risk. Not waiting till junior year for player to develop. Muss never rebuilds, he just reloads. Hope he does not change the strategy.