I think Monke,Trest,Bolden and Vermillion are crucial to our sucesss

I think if we get very Good/Great yrs from them we can be very tough…Bolden I think can be a starter possibly or lockdown bullpen guy and Monke a key LH in the pen Vermillion and Trest need to lock down the closer spot or we are in trouble…Starters Wicklander,Noland and Kopps must all improve to where they are very reliable,all that happens and we end up in Omaha IMO

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There are some youngsters who are going to surprise you. Everyone likes what they see of Blake Adams so far. Vermillion has a new pitch. Watch out for him (and Iknow you listed him). Peyton Pallette is a freshman who continues to progress. He could be a back of the bullpen guy.

yes I have heard of all of them,very excited to see these new faces…

I think Adams could be the Sunday guy.

Would be great…I know DVH mentioned Kopps but he will have to get a little more consistent. I have heard Adams throws in the mid-90’s that’s quite impressive for a freshman

I’ll just be glad for baseball to crank up.
The freshmen need to provide some help. The Friday night starter will be a hard spot to follow what Knight and Campbell have done the past 2 years.
Wicklander or Noland. What’s your guess?

Did Miller Pleimann ever get approved to play this year? (He is a transfer from Wichita State.)

I believe Wicklander will be the Friday night guy, and he can be devastating if he can perfect his changeup and get his control on point he has nasty stuff!!

I went to the state high school baseball championship game at Baum last year specifically to see Adams pitch in a big game. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed but he was not as lights out as I expected (one game does not mean a lot). One thing that did impress me was the home run to left that he hit out of Baum. I think Dave may want to keep him in mind as a pinch hitter. The young man looks like he has some muscle.

Just a hunch but I am thinking Noland.

There’s no doubt Wicklander has nasty stuff and when he has his control he is hard to hit. It’s nice having left handing pitching. The hogs have lefties right now they just need to get them to perform on the mound.

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