I think it's 50-50 whether

Arkansas hosts anyone next weekend. Do you try and bring in one of the available grad transfer QBs?

saw where Shawn Robinson from TCU was transferring…hes been hurt but man the kid can play! you think we may be interested?

#6 Duel threat qb in the 2017 class

I read wherever he goes he would have to set out a yr, is that true?

Yes - must sit out

bigtime player…would still love to have him…

Morris didn’t offer at SMU and he was just down the road at DeSota, throw in he’s had shoulder surgery and has to wait a year, thus in Chandler’s class, nope…

Let’s remember - in general, ALL transfers have to sit out a season when they transfer and stay at the D1 level (FBS).

The only exception is when the player has already graduated from his first institution but still has eligibility (usually 1 year, but sometimes 2) left. If that is the case, then the player can be eligible the next season without having to sit out a year.

I say “only exception”. There may be specific hardship cases (a parent is terminally ill and the player needs to get closer to home, etc.) where “hardship” transfers are allowed. Or, if the program goes on probation, they sometimes let players transfer out without having to sit out. But in general, we’re talking about graduate transfers if they’re going to be able to play the next season.

The TCU QB is a sophomore and has not graduated; so, he would need to sit out a year wherever he goes.

I think it’s a grad-transfer or bust.

I understand but if he wanted to come I would find a way to take him Bama don’t offer QB that aren’t bigtime players.

Bama took Layne Hatcher who was going to walk on at ASWho

They would have probably kicked our a** this year.

Did they offer or did they take him as in walk on huge difference don’t you think

Hatcher? He signed an LOI. That means scholarship.

Hes not in their commitments for this year. But you know what I’m talking about. It’s very rare for Alabama to sign someone who is not Heavily recruited
you always trying to find something to prove somebody wrong… it’s ridiculous…