I think it’s so sad that

Army can get nobody to play them in a bowl game!

Yeah I saw that. They were all set to go to Shreveport but no one would agree to be the other team and the Indy Bowl wound up cancelling. But the Army players are remaining on campus in case some school has to bail out on a bowl game because of COVID-19, so they may get a bowl game in that way.

They should play the Jets in Shea Stadium.


Tennessee says they can’t play in the Liberty Bowl because of Covid. So that opens a slot-with Miss State probably winding up in Memphis and Army perhaps going out to DFW to play in MSU’s spot.

With Tennessee having Covid issues and won’t play it seems Army will get a bowl game after all.

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That’s crazy talk…

…Shea Stadium was demolished a decade ago

I think that was his point.

You don’t say

They definitely deserve to play in a bowl. Hoping they get an opportunity.

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Just saw where West Virginia agreed to play Army in the Liberty Bowl. Good for them. I will be rooting for Army!

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West Virginia’s defensive coordinator is probably thrilled. He now has just over a week of practice to get his guys ready for that triple option. They have to throw out an entire defensive game plan they probably already met and practiced on and start over.

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