I think it’s about time to close the book

Well friends with the commitments of Morsell and Anei elsewhere today I think I am ready to close the book on this transfer portal SZN and move on to the next phase.

Transfer portal SZN is now my 2nd favorite sports SZN behind college hoops SZN. College football SZN got pushed down to 3rd. It has been a fun ride but I think it’s prob time to get off the coaster for this year!

Want to give a shout-out to Senor Davenport for giving us the scoop on the transfers and posting info at all times of the day to keep us informed! I’ll never forget some of those RD :bomb: and those “one to watch” remarks!

Thank for Votan for always posting the stats of the player being talked about, it was always helpful.

Looking forward to talking about the 2022 kids and the current team now! We got some ballers!

Until next season Transfer Portal SZN!


Thank you Lynnsanity, but being totally honest, I did it just as much to help myself. As I have past the hump in my life and the downhill journey seems to be moving ever faster, my memory is not what it once was. And in fairness, what it once was probably wasn’t as good as I remember. lol

As I’d come back to those threads from time to time, I needed those stats and info just to keep things clear on who we were talking about. But I am also happy that there were others that found it helpful as well. It was one of those rare WIN WIN things.

So again, thank you for the shout out.


Gratitude and kindness are two of the most powerful forces in our lives and are a win win for all of us. They have a butterfly effect. Happier times are ahead for Hog fans.


Thank you boys, thank you.

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Boys I may have closed the book too soon! Hogs back to reaching out to people again, this time Cedric Russell from Louisiana love it!

I would love nothing more than to get the transfer portal gang back together again! Let’s hope Senor Davenport has some insight soon! :hugs:

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I chuckled when I read this. I think we all forgot about those players who tested the NBA draft waters were still out there. Maybe the biggest fish for the Hogs, Kevin Obanor, has now made a big splash in that transfer pool. We may even have a slight edge in that he’s been recruited before by Muss and our proximity to Tulsa. I don’t believe there’s any other Power 6 Conference team closer to Tulsa than Fayetteville.

Go get him Muss!

Really good short thread guys. And, I echo the sentiment.

Edit: I guess OK St is closer and Univ of OK is the same distance.

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