I think it is time for Briles to move on and Loggains to take over ----------------

------------------ it just seemed to me that the Briles trickerations were the down-point to our offense and the (usually after the halftime that followed a disappointing offensive performance in the first half it looked like Sam told him to quit messing around and run the damn football) start of second halves were our high point of offensive football. We definitely continue to exploit the running QB dynamic but in a power running offense that takes advantage of the defense coming up to stop the run to throw deep effectively. Having a powerful running game should create opportunities to throw deep if our receivers can beat one on one coverage.

The wide receiver passing was a total flop. 3 interceptions versus 1 completion. The hurry up to the line to run a quick short yardage play was a flop. I don’t remember one time that it worked. Maybe the trickeration was disguising a lack of ability to throw the ball down the field to our receivers. The one throw in the bowl game to a wideout was intercepted. After that, it was all QB running with little or no passing which worked fine.

The hurry up tempo paid dividends for us with the proof being all of the defensive faked injuries to get a free time out to slow down the offense. I am just not seeing the benefit of letting Briles play around with this offense anymore. We had a 9-4 season despite him, not because of him.

I hear you man, BUT…I think Briles has done a heck of a good job with KJ and his development and throwing the deep ball. Not saying the other one wouldn’t be good, but I’ll give some credit of this years QB play to KB.

I think he helped Burks and Franks become better. He will learn from CSP and he will be even better next year. A QB ‘whisperer’ is not to be minimized.

Why don’t you let Sam pick his own OC?


I fully admit I have had some issues with Briles (how many times did we run up the middle on first down against Auburn?), but you are 100% correct. I figure Sam knows a little more about it than we do, and it’s Sam’s butt on the line, not any of us fans.

My father in law (who I almost always take to games with me) just rants about Odom and “that 3 man rush.” I keep trying to tell him that we really need to let Sam run the team and that both Sam and Odom probably know a little more about football than we do.

Lol, I’ve seen some takes that have no basis, but this one takes the cake. So, the plays that work he doesn’t get credit for, just blame for those that don’t. Stick to your day job.


Yet running up the middle on first down worked very well in the third quarter Saturday.

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Hogmo dude, This must be one of the dumbest posts I have seen on the board. Briles does a great job and the reason we do not throw over the middle is KJ’s is not very accurate on these type throws and you would see lots of interceptions.


We averaged 200 yards passing and rushing per game . Brile’s helped turn Felipe and K.J. into very effective SEC quarterbacks, which we had not seen around here in a while. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your line of reasoning at all.


If offense is defined by yards produced and averages I’d have to say Briles was pretty good OC. Whether it some butt chewing by CSP or not at times.
That’s what HC’s do, chew on butts of his staff to line em out. I saw a good mix in the whole coaching staff. That reflected down to the players

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There is a reason whh DL is not an NFL OC anymore.

if that were to happen, please be prepared to see some skill players leap into the portal.


Please feel free to share.


Because his offense’s were at the near bottom of the NFL every season he was an OC?

We are fortunate to have Briles. And Odom.


Briles runs some plays at times that makes you scratch your head but what he did with our QB’s the past 2 years has been fantastic. I am thrilled to have him and worry it won’t be for too long. His offense brings in a lot of fantastic players that as DD said would probably hit the portal with his departure!


Lord have mercy - why anybody is pining for a guy to be our OC that has a career trajectory resembling a submarine on a deep dive is beyond me.


So Briles gets credit for all the bad and none of the good? Oh brother🙄…

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Weren’t we ranked like 3rd on offense in the SEC?


He was fired

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