I think it is the right time to play in-state schools (column)...

I know some will disagree with me and will have valid reasons in doing so.

But it’s just my opinion

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Agree w you on this one big guy :sunglasses:

I live in Paragould and very much disagree with you!!

Interested to know the ages of those against playing instate teams…my guess is those 55 + overwhelmingly against.

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Age 70 and against it.

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Not the case here…I like the idea by the “hated one” of opening the season every year in Little Rock vs the despised Red Wolves.
Could also call that our “yearly” War Memorial stadium obligation.

I’m 48 and used to be against it, but it’s an outdated, backwards looking approach. I read on another board where someone said playing ASU would “be our downfall.”

That may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read - Arkansas has had many “ downfalls” over the last 25 + years caused by a brilliant but immoral jerk wrecking a motorcycle, an arrogant and detached AD, a drunk from Iowa, a coach with emotional maturity of a 15 yr old, etc.

The football program will be good again with good leaders/grownups in charge and making sound decisions. Playing ASU won’t impact things one iota.

Why would we play in WMS? Why would you deny 20,000+ the opportunity to watch this game, should it ever occur? WMS doesn’t have the $15M to do the necessary upgrades there, there won’t be an “annual” obligation if they don’t honor the contract. Would Asa spend some of our surplus on it, when there are so many other needs?

And playing them won’t improve things either.

I will be 70 in 3 months. Although I supported this policy over the years I now think this is a good decision. I don’t see it having a negative effect on the program; although it is just a matter of time until an instate rival beats us on the field. That will be okay, I although surely will question my decision when that inevitable event happens , assuming of course that I am still alive.

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I for one think that play UAPB is a complete joke and waste of time for everyone involved. How many folks will be anxiously awaiting this in state grid iron matchup?
If they are going to play in state programs I would like to see what I stated a long time ago.
I would like to see them have a 3 year rotation with Arkansas State University, University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas Pine Bluff.
People need to get over the fact that any of these programs could ever pose a threat to take a major bite out of the “Mystic” that is and always will be the Arkansas Razorbacks.
I would schedule these games as home games in Fayetteville, just as the majority of our supposed cupcake non conference games which would be a thrill for opposing players to say they played a college football game at Donald Reynolds Razorback Stadium.
Hope HY will just buck past practices and get these games on future schedules.

Go Hogs!

Never said it would

This is what LSU does - they rotate between ULL, LA Tech, and ULM. They have also played McNeese St. in recent years.

Mississippi State even played USM in Hattiesburg.

23, have no problem playing instate schools. Just not ASU, I don’t think our money should go to their benefit in any way personally. Maybe I’ll change my mind on that if we ever are good again, but as of right now it’s too high risk.

UAPB is fine with me, helps them out, a school part of the UofA system.

I am fine that the old policy has been scrapped.

But so far what Yuracheck has done is to play safe by scheduling UALR in baseball and UAPB in football with minimal risk of losing. (I know UALR won the baseball game).

But now we need to schedule UALR in basketball and ASU in football. If that does not happen, we will be criticized for not playing them for the fear of losing. At least before, we could hide behind the policy of not scheduling instate schools.

I’m 39 and can accept playing UA system schools. I will always be adamantly against playing ASU. I supported the Barnhill/Broyles/Long stance of not playing in-state schools, but can adapt to the new times.

I am OK with playing ASU if and when they gain promotion to a Power 5 conference. I am not OK with them using playing us to build/promote their program. UAPB is at a different level, knows it’s at a different level and has no problems staying at that level.

Didn’t say you did.

As I said, having discarded the old policy, it will become clear we are afraid of ASU. Broyles was smart. He had protected us from the embarrassment of losing to ASU. Time to bring out a bucket of KFC. :smiley:

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