I think it is great

That after a loss the wanta be coaches come out and educate us on how the game should be played. Got to love it.

Young team is going to be wildly up and down. Each up sets up a potential down. They will learn.

I have been pretty tough on Mike over the past couple of years – not getting to Sweet 16, etc.

But I will admit I really like this team. Bit of a surprise to me, frankly. These guys can play basketball. They are young, but have some real talent. And they defend, which is a nice change.

This is a good team. Let’s see how it shakes out.

Agreed. They got beat by a WKU team that already has some impressive wins this season, and their big man is a stud. To me, it felt like maybe the moment was a little too big for them on the final possession, and at this point in the season with such a young back court, I’m alright with that. I thought there were times when the team looked really good, and I thought Gafford did a good job of battling for a full game and still being able to produce against one of the toughest one on one matchups he will see all year.

There will be nights when the shots do fall for us down the stretch and we beat some teams we aren’t supposed to, because this team has some real talent across the floor, and seem to be tailor-made for the system they are playing in.