I think I would have fouled BUT THIS

is why most don’t.

This is ridiculous.

https://twitter.com/gottliebshow/status … 68993?s=21


I bet Mike Anderson has won 90% of the games that he decided not to foul in a similar situation. Because if he wasn’t winning he would change it.

As a coach I would foul based on how I feel about my team and the opposing team at that particular time.

This would not be an issue if Adrio had played the right defense. If in your face goes in, let it be.

The thing is that in the end of game situation the Hogs found themselves in against Texas handled differently by fouling would require the opposing team to have multiple things go right for them to have the opportunity to tie or win the game outright and by not fouling in this situation the opposing team only needs one thing to go right to tie the game.
If the foul is made and you put them on line they have to first make the first free throw shot, intentionally miss the second while contacting the rim with the second shot and getting an offensive rebound on that missed free throw and then make another shot quickly.
I personally like the scenario where multiple things need to go perfectly for the team that is down by 3 points rather than the scenario where the team down by 3 points just needs one thing to go their way.
To me, the percentages of having multiple things being executed to perfection against the the percentage of one thing being executed in the favor of the team down by 3 points is an easy decision.

Go Hogs!

Not sure what the right approach is, but if you look at Mike’s teams, even with the quickness we have, we seemingly lose the three point shooters a lot. I know that much of this is gambling, switching and doubling teaming, but wonder if part of the issue is we don’t depend enough on straight up man to man, so at critical times we are not as sound as we need to be.

Adrio looked like a defender told not to foul the three point shooter. If true, not sure how much better he could have played it. Guy just made a great shot.

You are assuming that we wait to foul after they are running their offense. They crossed halfcourt with over 5 seconds to play. They would have had plenty of time to hit both FTs and setup their press for a steal, 5 seconds, or immediate foul. Waiting requires Bailey to look around for a clock, while keeping an eye on Roach and making sure that he can’t start his shooting motion. I also watched the Hawks last night fail to secure Lebron’s second straight miss at the FT line and give up a dunk on a tip to go down by 1 in the closing 30 seconds.

If it is all that simple as you put it, Mike would do that, unless he has low IQ or something. His job and not your or mine is on the line at every game. He must have won most of the games doing it has way, don’t you think?

Also read Niels’s post. He has a very valid point.

6 in one half a dozen in another but fouling IMO eliminates most chances of winning unless something really strange happens,they would have to do a couple things to win/tie it