I think I will switch TV to CBS

there is football game there.

I have been watching Breeders Cup and FlvGa with one very short peek at VTech v ND. I haven’t seen and don’t want to see CM ineptness and lack of judgment. Raises my frustration level too much. I have heard from Knoxville connected friends that Chavis is also frustrated and ready to come back to his family in Knoxville. Individually there may be good members of the Morris staff but collectively they are the worst ever on the Hill in my experience that dates back to acute awareness in 1964. Program is under awful stewardship. I feel for Chandler having to finally experience his dad as his coach if it happens.

I don’t believe we will see Chandler Morris in the Arkansas Razorback uniform.
His dads seat is too hot for him to stay with his commitment, I fully expect that he will end up elsewhere.

Go Hogs!