I think Goodheart will leadoff next yr.

He’s the only one IMO that has the plate discipline and the ability to put the bat on the ball consistently and enough speed to steal some bases.

I think Colby Boulware will get a look also.

He could be, but goodness, a whole lot of things can happen before February. We don’t even know who all will be here, who will improve…way too many variables.

If Washington grabs a starting spot in the outfield, he’d be great for the lead-off spot. He hit .353 in 34 at bats in the mid-week games. He also had 7 walks. Only Opitz had a slightly higher walk percentage. That wasn’t against SEC pitching, but if he makes the usual big jump after a freshman year, he’s certainly got the speed you want in a lead-off man.

I think Goodheart will be in the 2 or 3 spot!
There are a few with speed that could raise some noise in the leadoff spot. ( Franklin and Washington to start the list.
I think Heston will assume the 4 spot and Martin will be in the 2 or 3 hole. Don’t be suprised if Optiz moves up in the order as well as Nesbit!
It will be odd when the hogs take the filed without Fletcher in centerfield! Kenley and Ezell will be missed both at the plate and on the infield.

If we do indeed find someone who has lead off capabilities I think you will see him 3rd

I would like too see Goodheart in the 3 hole again. It would be nice to see Franklin make a jump and be able to leadoff.
We know Martin and Heston will be in the top 4! I think Nesbit will improve a lot by the time next season starts.
Guess a batting order?

Agree. Personally, I don’t know much about half of the kids that will be regulars in our line-up next year. Boulware (sp?) sounds like he might be a good option, but there could be others. Perhaps Washington? Maybe Casey if he can cut down on the K’s and increase the BB’s (but I really don’t expect him to).

On face value, I wouldn’t project Goodheart to the lead-off spot; but that’s not to say he won’t end up there. As with most things of this nature, I’ll trust DVH and company to make the right choice. That’s been a good bet the last 15 years or so.

Goodheart was the leadoff hitter in junior college last year, so he does have experience there. Personally, I think he’s better suited for the two or three hole. Fall ball will go a long way toward deciding where he is in the lineup.

Oh I totally agree with you he was incredible number three hitter but unless one of our incoming recruits or transfers can bat leadoff I don’t think we have anybody that has his skill set as far as being able to take pitches, draw some walks and still be able to hit and have the speed to do damage on the bases. Time will tell but he would be a very good leadoff hitter.