I think Chad owes us Chandler

After costing us Jacolby. We sure do need a 4 * QB in this class.

I’m quoting another poster here - “the Hogs don’t need a 165 lb., five-foot nothing QB playing in the SEC”
While that statement is a little harsh there’s a lot of truth to it. IMO we should trust our new Coach/OC to make a great decision regarding the QB position

Seen both play and Chandler is the better QB.

highland park system makes QB’s look great, long time proven and some true historically great QB’s which just puts the eval in the hands of the coach needing a qB. More run needed than pass, probably not going to be the HP kid, more pass and sophistication needed, then take the HP qBstrong text. figure out what Coach Pittman is preaching and move on. Portal and JC are still more available than a qB who has been recruited and developed a devotion to a staff for more than a year. If we cannot get Criswell then not much that I think can help more than letting KJ and JSJ develop into the Pittman system. I’m not a fan of Lindsey except that he has now established himself as a threat coming out of the holder position to do something big if needed on ST.

Detriment to naming OC after signing period? yes.

247 composite says you are wrong. Jacolby is ranked 100 spots higher than Chandler is. And, when you consider one is playing HS football in a great school in TX, vs Criswell playing in a rather small (in comparison) HS in Arkansas, the difference is probably even more than 100.

247 composite rankings had McTelvin Agim 431 spots ahead of Isaiah Simmons.

How’d that work out?

Let’s just say this. I trust their ratings a lot more than your ratings. I find it interesting that you decided to bash a Razorback player in trying to make your point. There were hundreds of other players you could have chose to make your point, that yes, 247 composite ratings can be wrong.

I picked Agim because I’m assuming you’re familiar with his play.

These aren’t “my ratings.” They are the ratings you used in the previous post. You brought up 247 composite rankings.

Ah, I just realized that you were responding to me, but weren’t the poster (texhog) that I responded to that said Morris was better than Jacolby. What’s the point of your post in response to me? Are you saying that you also think Morris is better than Jacolby?

Regardless, if I’m going to try to ascertain which QB is probably better than another QB, I will more than likely make my decision based on a National Recruiter rather than a message board poster, unless they are Dudley or Richard.

I also think it’s a cop out that you used Agim as being badly overrated when you could have used a hundred other non-Razorbacks.

My point is that ratings are often wrong. No more, no less.

I’ve seen neither play, so can’t opine one way or another.

2009, your postings bring to my mind, ‘Pig-Pen’ from Charlie Brown with your consistent tendency to see our Hogs through a dark lense.
Harley nailed it.

We’ve won 1 SEC game in our last 24. Hard to see the sunshine I’m afraid.

I’m very optimistic with Hoops and clearly it is only a matter of time before we win it all in baseball.

I don’t often agree with hog2009 but I do on this one. Star ratings are largely useless; numerical player ratings are even worse. Joe Burrow was the #280 player in the country in 247 composite. How did that one work out?

Chad Morris sure don’t owe us anything! I will be glad when we all don’t hear husband name on this board! His hammer down rear end is gone.
As far as his son becoming a Hog that ship has sailed too! Good luck go Chandler where ever he goes to college. The hog should have recruited Criswell and alit if other players they paid very little attention too that’s for sure.
I will follow Criswell at NC if that’s where he goes to college. He is still one of us!

I wouldn’t go that far. Are they subjective and subject, in individual cases, to being wrong? YES. But overall, they clearly have a lot of validity. You give me 25 4 and 5 star players every year on team “A” and 25 3 star players every year on team “B” and team “A” will almost always beat team “B.” Now, some of the the players on team “B” will turn out better than some of the players on team “A” but over all, team “A” will almost always be better.

Go look at who gets the highest rated classes each year and see if that doesn’t reflect in W’s and L’s. Are there exceptions? Sure. But there is a clear correlation.

Again, no doubt the rating are way off from time to time on individual players.

It does seem to me that we are usually on the “losing end” of those ratings being off. We will get a kid that Alabama or LSU wants and is ranked high, and that will be the kid that under performs the rankings.

Both of them were excellent high school quarterbacks.

They both have the potential to be very good to great ones in college.

As for the 5-foot nothing QB, Jacolby is an inch or two taller than Chandler.

Or at least was when they stood side by side next to me in Frisco, Texas in June.

Ans what’s even worse is CM didn’t wanna talk to him…

Seeing as how I saw Coach Morris and Jacolby talking on at least five occasions, that’s just not true.

Now if you want to say he wasn’t interested enough in having him come here enough, then I can get down with that.

But don’t give me the “didn’t want to talk to him” line.

One thing that is clear to me is the kids handled this situation much better than the coaches and the fans did.

They were very supportive of each other.

I’m talking about Joe Burrow.

  1. Criswell
  2. Morris
  3. KJ

Job number one for OC - find some quarterbacks pronto!