I think Bumper and Foucha come back

I have heard Bumper has made the decision just hasn’t announced it yet and after watching Foucha post game interview I feel he’s made his decision too,he was talking about watching Morgan and Henry come back and that would have an influence so I think we get both back which woud really help this defense


Agreed, both are great players.

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Is Trelon Smith gone?


Thos two would certainly help along with Catalon- salty.


I assumed he would leave. He was an excellent team player and lead a young group of RB’s well.

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That would be a HUGE boost. On offense, we don’t need a lot, seem set for next year. On D, catalon coming back is huge, bump and foucha would really help. Hope ridge comes back, and man do we need some sack-capable DE’s.

Special teams look ready, O looks ready, D will be decent as of now, but with those 2, heading towards a very nice team.

Good thing our schedule is so easy lol


2 out of those 3 would be a huge get (Ridgeway, Foucha, Pool). Sure hope we can land 2 of those back.


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