I think Arkansas will host

I said two weeks ago that I thought two of three over Vanderbilt and Texas A&M would get the job done, and I still feel that way. I think it was especially impressive the way the Razorbacks won both series, by a combined 15-1 in the finales. Arkansas was 7-2 in series finales this season, including 4-2 when the series was on the line. The committee will notice that.

Arkansas’ RPI is probably going to be around 12-14 after this weekend, and 39 overall wins - including 18 in the SEC - are a good supplement. There were no bad series losses and no sweeps.

Overall, it’s an impressive resume that is worthy of a regional host.

Several people at our tailgate were sure that we would not host unless we swept the Aggies. It just seems to me that we have a high enough RPI and a good enough record to host. Being a top four seed in the SEC tourney is an impressive entry on our resume.

Of course the season is far (hopefully) from over, but regardless, this has been a very impressive turnaround from last season. DVH and staff did a great job since last season and the players appartently listened and did the work.

Updated RPI at Warren Nolan’s site is 13. Top four seed doesn’t hurt either. If they put a regional in Dudy Noble over Baum when (a) they finished behind us, (b) their record is worse, © their RPI is worse and (d) we swept their leghumping butts, I will be screaming.

There had been some discussion a week or two ago, when it appeared we might be just outside the hosting bubble… That perhaps we would host a regional with Missouri state being the number one seed, since their home ballpark is occupied by the local minor-league team on the first round of the NCAA playoffs.

With us, it appears, In line to host the first round now, perhaps Starkville will host Missouri state’s regional in the same manner. That is, if Missouri State’s season ending loss at lowly Illinois state didn’t kill their hosting chances… That dropped them down to number 24 in RPI.

Guess I’ll throw this into this thread, since it’s cropped up in a couple of others this weekend. I don’t think MoState will host with an RPI of 24, but they have a ballpark in which they could host.

The only concern I would have is that the NCAA might do them a solid since they got a bad deal 2 yrs ago.

It’s not the NCAA’s fault that they share a ballpark with a minor league team. Same with the teams that got jobbed out of hosting in the past because their facilities are substandard. You wanna host, you need an adequate ballpark that’s available the first weekend of June.

Nebraska also shares a park with a minor league team, and I notice that the Lincoln Saltdogs are on the road that weekend. Not gonna help the Huskers with an RPI of 42, but if they were good enough to host their park is available. MSU needs to do some negotiating with the Texas League, or just plan to use this alternate ballpark (which used to be their home field before they moved into the current park).

Surely we will get a regional. It was good weekend at College Station, Texas. Texas A&M fans and the folks in College Station are friendly, salt of the earth people. A&M has a lot of interesting traditions. The bubbles after a home run are cute. So, is the opening scene from The Rifleman after a strike out. However, standing with your legs apart, grabbing a sweaty stranger by the waist and swaying from side to side during an Aggie tune is not in my character.

The Aggie fans were impressed by “the monster” or “the moose” playing first base for us. I give Tony Vitello (and Josh Elander) a lot of credit for our hitting success. We are back to the Charlie Lau hitting technique after our Todd Butler period. A couple of years ago Spanberger could not have hit those opposite field home runs. He would have been striking out while trying to pull the ball to right. Anyway…Way to go big guy.

I’ve never been to A&M, so I’ll accept what you say, but I could hear one obnoxious one over the TV broadcast several times over the weekend. He kept yelling things about all our good players being from Texas & crap like that. I’d have loved to tell him, “yeah, & they had the good sense to choose us & not A&M or A&M had the bad sense not to offer them.” But alas, the TV sound only goes one way. Regardless, he has to live with the fact that we took 2 of 3 from them at their place & they got to blow no bubbles on Saturday.

I heard that clown as well. Mostly, I tuned him out . . . but a few of his childish zingers did make it through my force-field. I remember him mouthing “does anyone from Arkansas even know HOW to play baseball” at one juncture. Of course, he was most audible during their win on Friday. I don’t recall hearing much of him Saturday.


Pulling for your team is one thing. I actually respect that, even if I badly want to beat them. But acting the fool only reinforces all the negative stereotypes opposing fans have of Aggies, or “hillbillies”, as the case may be. I wish more fans got that.

You’re right, Wiz. Heard him mostly on Friday night. He was also quite certain the ball that we hit into the corner was foul. The replay was clear the ball hit the left fielder’s glove to the right of the “330” inside the foul pole. That sort of 3rd row umpiring doesn’t bother me too much–lord knows we have plenty of those. (I confess I’m inclined to it myself). But the fact it came from the same loud-mouthed jerk made it particularly annoying.