I sure hope our DB's are smarter than Florida's

Those guys did everything they could to give that game to the bling boys. Fortunately for Dan Mullen, his D-Line was able to save the Gator bacon. How can such highly regarded DB’s play with such a lack of situational awareness? 4th down and 34 and you’re going to commit PI ten yards in front of the first down marker? Unbelievable!.

Really dumb and it was not even close.

Football IQ is huge. Almost cost Fla.

Talented but dumb and arrogant. It almost cost them
a terrible loss.

When the idiot that hit the guy four yards out of bounds and
got to the sideline and was getting his ass chewed by the
coach and then he had that early smile/smirk, I thought the coach should send him to the locker. The game could easily have been lost because of his extreme stupidity on the play.

Of course, we know Mullen isn’t above breaking the rules of the game.

And the horrendous failed tackles on Dallas’ TD run. Lots of attempted shoulder tackles. When will they learn? I hope the Hogs don’t try that too much and I hope the first one on the scene doesn’t go for the strip rather than a good wrap up tackle.

Bad tackling in an opener is pretty much standard. I don’t think any team scrimmages enough any more to open the season tackling well. That’s why most teams don’t want to schedule a game like this to start the season. I was exchanging texts with a retired SEC defensive coordinator during the game and he agreed that no one scrimmages enough any more and this is what you get because of it.

As I watched the latter portions of that game, I couldn’t help but wonder how it was that Miami was getting all of those penalty calls on Florida when we couldn’t get ONE call to go our way when we got screwed so badly our last trip to Florida.



Big 12 zebras, from what I read last night