I sure do miss Defense

Every game I watch these days seems to have a pinball score. When will the Defenses catch up with modern Offenses?

Ya the SEC has turned in to the Big 12

The rules are so tilted to the offense that the defenses are playing with one (maybe both) hand tied behind their back.


The rules don’t help, but the pandemic also tilts the scale toward the offense. QBs and receivers could go to a park and work on routes and timing; can’t really work on zone coverage or blitzes that way.

You can’t touch the quarterback or a receiver without a penalty. Lesser athletic offensive lineman hold the more athletic defensive lineman every play. It is a game where the offense has the advantages, but it is ruining football.

Arkansas scored 35 points last night, but we lost by almost 30 points. That isn’t football…it is more like flag football. The pendulum needs to swing back some to the defense.

45 year old quarterbacks throwing for 400 yards because they know no one can touch them. In years past, they would not be upright at that age…they would be retired.

I miss OUR defense. But overall I am very pleased with them. And our offense is really coming on. Go Hogs!

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